Abhyanga - Glowing Body Self Care Massage

AbhyangaAbhyanga is the Ayurvedic tradition of oil-based, nourishing self-care massage. Abhyanga can be translated from it’s Sanskrit origins to mean ‘glowing body’ and ‘dispelling fear.’ Massage nurtures us on all levels, inducing physical, mental and even spiritual wellbeing. Studies have shown that “physical touch is the most important aspect of human development and culture. It activates the body’s vagus nerve, which is intimately involved in our compassion response.” Combine this with the aromatic, energy balancing, nurturing benefits of Synthesis Body Oils, and you have a dreamy at-home spa treatment to leave you glowing inside and out.

Benefits of this massage when performed regularly;

  • Calms the mind and nervous system
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relaxes muscles and improves tone
  • Eliminates fatigue
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Eases tension and stress
  • Promotes longevity
  • Supports restful sleep
  • Stimulates internal organs
  • Activates digestion
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Improves circulation and more!
Best time to do your self-care massage?

Anytime that suits you…for a minimum of 5 min. (15-20 min is ideal when you have time) It's about doing it whenever you can. Of course, creating a set time each day or week helps you build a healthy nurturing habit. I love to practice this at night before bed for the most delicious sleep ever, but many people do it on rising, just before their quick morning shower, facilitating the release of toxins accumulated overnight. Watch our instructional video here:

To begin:

  • Prepare your sanctuary and your Synthesis body oil of choice. (We suggest warming your oil first by placing the bottle in a bowl of hot water for about 5 min.)
  • Sit on a chair or on a large towel on the floor.
  • Ensure your space is warm and draught free.
  • You may also like to light a candle and play some healing music.
  • Come into the present moment by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. When you feel you have reconnected with yourself, begin your massage.
Now the massage begins:
  • Place 1-2 tsp of oil into your hands and rub your palms together to combine your energy with it. Take a deep breath of the aromas from your palms, inviting the benefits of the essential oils to start to flow through your whole body.
  • Scalp: work the oil into your scalp with your fingers. Use your fingertips with firm pressure all over your scalp, then gently tug at the roots of your hair. (Skip this step if you need your hair to be oil-free, but at least once a week include a scalp massage with Synthesis hair elixir for luscious healthy hair.)
  • Pump more oil into your palms as needed for each area of the body.
  • Face: Now begin massaging your face.  Create small circles over your forehead, temples, cheeks, nose, upper lip and chin. Take a bit of time in each place to massage, smooth and sweep then move on. (See Synthesis facial massage for more tips)
  • Ears: Massage your ears, starting with the outer ear, then placing a small amount of oil on your little finger to massage the ear canal.
  • Front of Neck: Sweep downwards from your jaw to collar bone with slow open palms. Repeat x 3
  • Chest: Use the palm and heel of your hand (rather than your fingers) to massage with small strokes. Massage the pattern of a figure of eight across your chest x3
  • Shoulders and Back: Using opposite hands, reach across to massage from where shoulder and arm meet up to the neck. Repeat x 3 per side
  • Back and Neck: Sweep upwards from middle of your back up your neck in long smooth strokes with a slow open palm. Repeat x 3
  • Arms: Use long slow strokes from outer body inwards x 3. Create circles on your joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists) x 10 in each direction. Complete one arm and hand and then the other.
  • Hands: Pay special attention to your hands, massaging the palms, and each finger's knuckle and joints individually. Complete one arm and hand and then the other.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Massage the armpits towards the centre of the body. Pay special attention to the breasts to help drain lymph and keep the tissue healthy.
  • Thymus Gland: Locate your Thymus Gland in the upper centre of your chest and tap it eight times to gently stimulate your immune system. Take another deep heart breath of gratitude for your amazing body.
  • Abdomen: Massage in a clockwise motion starting at the bottom right to support the flow of digestion (massage upwards on your right side, across your upper abdomen, then down on your left side) x 3. Massage under your ribs to reach your liver, pancreas and spleen. Massage the sides and flanks of the body with long firm strokes from ribs to hips.
  • Lower Back: Reach around and massage as much of the back and buttocks as possible in circular motions and long sweeping strokes.  Massage along the spine.
  • Thighs: Start at the knees, cup both sides and work upwards x 3 on each side
  • Knees: front and back / Ankles / Hips: again use circles on your joints x10
  • Calves: Start at the ankles, cup both sides and work upwards x 3 on each side
  • Feet: Sweep along the top of your feet x 3. Cup heel and circle x 3. Make a fist and use knuckles to stroke from heel to toe x 3. Massage each toe, all the way to the toenails.
  • To finish, drop your head to your heart, then wrap your arms around yourself in a self-care hug.
  • Have a quick shower to rinse off excess oils and pat skin dry. Or leave the oils on for deeper hydration.
  • Hydrate with plenty of fresh room temperature water to flush out toxicity.
Synthesis Oils to choose from:
Purify - with Juniper Berry and Lemon Myrtle to cleanse and detoxify the body. Excellent after traveling, and for cellulite or sore legs. 

Calm - with Bergamot and Australian Sandalwood to ease stress and anxiety. Restores the feeling of natural ease, trust in and joy of life. 

Soothe - with Chamomile for relaxation and calming. Wonderful before sleeping, for children, when pregnant or when you require extra soothing. 

Relax - with Lavender and Rosalina to relax and encourage peace, relaxation and self-acceptance. With Marjoram to support restful sleep. 

Muscle Ease - with Kunzea and Wintergreen to ease tension in the muscles and strengthen the body's natural healing process.

Hair and Scalp Elixir - with Sandalwood and Rosemary for healthy luscious hair. 

All oils only $35 for 50ml Australian Certified Organic Energy Imbued ® to nurture beauty and spirit

Posted 02 April 2020


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