Beauty and Spirit Benefits of Retreat

Choosing to create time in your life to retreat is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself... As you allow yourself "time-out" to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, to re-connect with your authentic Self, reclaim your peace in the midst of a hectic life, and simply "Be",  wonderful things start to happen. Pausing gives you a chance to "fill your cup" again so you can bring the best of yourself to life.  Benefits of retreat can also include looking at life from a fresh perspective and even access to wisdom and answers from your deepest space of knowing. Allowing yourself to be the best you can be, ultimately benefits everyone and everything you are connected to as well. [caption id="attachment_3848" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Retreat and connect with nature. Retreat and connect with nature.[/caption] Retreat in the everyday Whether you retreat for 10 minutes, an hour, a day or a week, the important thing is to create space for it on a regular basis. See it as an investment in your wellbeing and personal relationship with yourself, ultimately allowing you to lead a much more deeply connected and authentic lift. At Synthesis, we are firm believers in the benefits of retreat and incorporate elements into all our offerings to support the retreat process, even in daily life. Our meditative skincare ritual is designed to be a nurturing, rejuvenating retreat through a sensory journey that supports you to release stresses from the day and to connect more deeply with your heart. Even if there is not space to do the full ritual more than once a week, elements of the ritual can be bought into each day in just a few minutes until you can create a longer time to retreat. Just taking time to fully and consciously inhale the aromas of our products before applying them activates many of the benefits of retreat. Our Chakra Balance ritual, encourages moments of retreat anytime or place. Do you just have a minute spare while sitting in your car? Perfect... use the Chakra Balance to help you withdraw and re-connect - that minute can feel like a long longer as you consciously engage the process. Or simply, retreat to a bath..... light a candle, close the door, put on some healing music and apply a few drops of one of our Aromatherapy blends to your bath water, sink in, close your eyes and let yourself drift away for fifteen minutes. Rejuvenate, Align, Create         Retreat outside of your usual place of being There are many other benefits of retreat that can be accessed by taking yourself out of your usual environment and entering into a space dedicated to your healing, release and restoration. As such we have recently teamed up with Simone Denny from the Nourishing Hub to offer full day retreats, initially in Sydney and soon in Northern NSW and New Zealand. These days combine the cleansing and rejuvenating benefits of Synthesis Organics with yoga, meditation, delicious wholesome organic food and powerful life-coaching and creative visualisation techniques to help you create a life you love. This retreat might resonate with you (or a friend) if you.....

  • Feel like you need to decompress but don't have time to take yourself on a week long retreat.
  • Would love to have the space to create something more meaningful for yourself but find it hard to make the time.
  • Feel like you want to indulge in some self-care to rejuvenate and re-energise yourself.
  • Need a good dose of healthy inspiration around what you put on and in your body.
  • Just want to have one day to surrender to your deeper needs and some 'me' time.
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Posted 24 May 2016


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