Essential Oils for your Astrological Sign — Pisces

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Pisces, the twelfth astrology sign, are the most psychic sign of the zodiac, very intuitive and often spiritual.....thanks to Neptune! They are symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite them a yin-yang quality. They are easy going dreamers....often creative and artistic with a vivid imagination. Pisces find it easy to empathise with other people and are compassionate, gentle, patient and kind.


Their dreamy nature may lead them to be lazy and impractical. Can often be taken advantage of because of their caring nature, and are also very easily led. Pisces may become disillusioned or depressed if badly let down or betrayed.

Health issues: Pisces rules the feet, lymphatics, and liver. Common concerns are aching feet, bunions, and corns. 

Essential oils: Black pepper, rosemarycedarwoodpeppermintbergamot, and basil are very good for grounding their dreamy, unpractical nature. 

For nurturing the sensitive inner-self try lavender, elemi, sandalwoodpatchoulirosegingerfrankincense and ylang-ylangTea treepeppermintlavender, and lemon are great essential oils to use with the feet.

Posted 19 February 2017


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