Essential Oils for your Astrological Sign — Virgo



Virgo is an intelligent, practical and down to earth sign (this is their element!)

They have a strong sense of responsibility towards family and friends.

They are very neat and organised and love to see a job well done.


 They can be quite critical of others but do not take criticism well themselves.

There is also a constant need for perfection which can be quite draining on others!

Health issues: Virgo, the sixth astrology sign, rules the sinuses, respiratory system, and bowels. Allergies, colds, flu, and constipation are common problems. They also have a tendency to worry and can be prone to depression. They are also in danger of feeling stressed. 

Essential oils: Ylang ylang, chamomile are wonderful oils for soothing feelings of being overwhelmed and an overworked mind. Lemon, grapefruit help with excessive worrying and generally support good health. Other useful oils are sandalwood and frankincense, both great for stress and anxiety.    

Posted 09 September 2016


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