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Fragonia Flower

Hailing from the wild, friendly flora of the Australian outback, Fragonia essential oil is a largely undiscovered wellness secret. Gentle yet influential, Fragonia blesses the body and is thought to be an extremely powerful tonic for feelings of wellbeing and recharging harmony within the mind. These benefits you will feel by simply enjoying the aromatic scent before it's even touched your skin! Akin to Lavender, it is incredibly calming and relaxing, with a beautiful fragrance that will leave you totally at peace. Also carrying skincare benefits, a key feature is its antimicrobial activity, which a study has shown to be just as effective as that of tea tree oil. In fact, Fragonia is considered in some ways better than the tea tree, as it is gentler on the skin and can be safely used at a higher concentration. This makes it perfect for irritated or inflamed skin.     

Once you smell Fragonia you will understand what a deeply calming essential oil truly means! The calm feeling that you obtain is different from other measures, as its power comes from its capacity to create inner peace and establish harmony from within. We live in a crazy world of constant acceleration and the disease of “more, more, more…” cuts us off from the true meaning of life. 

Fragonia induces a profound feeling of calmness and tranquillity and a genuine feeling of serenity. This has the roll-on effect of Fragonia inducing a far better quality of sleep, as you are able to completely let go. Sometimes we have to go to bed very late because of the various demands of life, but this does not have to mean we have to sleep badly. The use of Fragonia does improve the depth and the relaxing effect of the sleep, so that in the morning there is no feeling of being tired because of too little sleep, as you are able to reach a deep, restful state much faster.   

Find Fragonia in our Breath of Australia Essential Oil Blend, Brighten Vit C Serum, Chakra Balance Essential Oil Blend, Hydrate Tonic and Replenish Elixir.

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