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What your Synthesis Organic products can see while they're being made![/caption] Have you ever been curious about where your Synthesis Organic products come from? We know that many skincare ranges tend to ignore this part of the process, and will still proclaim it to be 'natural'. Our complete dedication to bringing you the highest standards of pure organic skincare means that we make every single Synthesis Organic product ourselves, here in Australia. 

We invite you to learn about our facilities, and find out exactly why we're confident our range is pure enough to eat! Surrounded by the remains of an ancient volcano, Synthesis comes from a transcendent place hidden deep in the rainforests of Eastern Australia, a UNESCO World Heritage National Park. Watched over by the majestic Mt. Warning, also known as 'The Cloud Catcher', we are perfectly positioned to catch the first rays of sunshine each day. 

This was our source of inspiration for the name of our Organic facilities - 'Ray of Sunshine' is located on a wondrous property that encapsulates the essence of our Synthesis Organic products. Surrounded by an abundance of native and exotic flowering plants and trees, your favourite skincare is made enveloped in a heavenly scent paradise of Roses, Lavender, Camelia, Frangipani, and Magnolia. 

Rivers meander through the rolling green fertile hills of the surrounding valleys, nurturing plants, wildlife, and humans. The profusion of life is a constant inspiration for us to promote sustainability, harmony, and wellbeing from universal energy and nature. Our lab has been created through substantial levels of research and development. We are bucking the trend where even ‘natural’ or ‘chemical free’ skincare still carries the residue of the pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic toxins to which non-organically grown ingredients are exposed to. 

Choosing to create fully certified organic skincare is part of our commitment to offering only the highest standard of care to everyone Synthesis touches. This is why we established our own facilities, to ensure that we retain the total control necessary to assure our most precious friends (that means you!) will always be able to shine your Light, Love, Beauty, and Spirit all the brighter. We are so happy to have you all along on our Synthesis Organics journey and hope that you are enjoying it as much as we are! xx 

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Synthesis Organics acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we conduct our business, the Arakwal,Widjabal and Minjungbal people of the Bundjalung Nation.
We extend respect to all the Aboriginal people of this beautiful country we call home, and we show our respect for Elders past, present and emerging through thoughtful and collaborative approaches to our work,
seeking to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to foster a world where Aboriginal people are included socially, culturally and economically.