Immune Boosting Products

Boosting our immune system is a positive response we can all focus on during the current upheaval. Aromatherapeutic products are one of the best natural ways to support you and your family. Read to the end of this email for other tips and access to a free Virtual Health Retreat. 

In service to our tribe, we have released a number of new products to support staying healthy and in good vibes. 

Plus, spend over $100 online and receive free shipping and a free 15ml travel organic hand sanitiser.

1. Immunity Wizard Essential Oil Blend - Botanical Alchemy response to micro-invaders.

Immune Boosting Products

2. Yes! we have a Synthesis Energy Imbued® Organic Hand Sanitiser. It is 100% Australian Certified Organic with 70%+ pure ethanol (as recommended by the CDC) as well as the Aromatherapeutic benefits of our Immunity Wizard Essential Oil blend.

The other ingredients are organic Aloe Juice and Vegetable Glycerine to keep your hands hydrated and comfortable and not dried out. 

Energy Imbued®, as always, with specific healing vibrations. 

Available as 15ml, 100ml and in bulk for wholesale businesses. 

Synthesis Hand Sanitiser

3. Protection Pack - Keep your hands clean and sanitised when on the go with our Protection Pack.
Includes Synthesis’:

  • Hand Sanitiser (with 70% Alcohol, Immunity Wizard Essential Oils, and Aloe Juice)
  • Hand & Body Wash (with natural Vit C from Kakadu Plum and anti-microbial Lavender)
Synthesis Hand & Body Wash

Other Immune Boosting Tips to remember:
- Eat lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables 
- Exercise regularly 
- Getting enough sleep (Try our RELAX blend to help you nod off)
- Minimise stress (High levels of cortisol can exhaust your immune system, so now more than ever it's important to keep your CALM.)

One of our great friends and mentors has released, for free! his health-enhancing practices gained over decades of experience running and advising wellness properties. Click here for his Virtual Health Resort.

Posted 21 March 2020


Energy Imbued
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Certified Vegan
Certified Toxic Free
Cruelty Free
Made Safe
Made in Australia
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