How to keep your skin glowing in the winter months

It might be getting colder, but that doesn't mean your skin has to suffer. Cool temperatures and low humidity results in dryer air, which is constantly stealing the moisture from your skin. Harsh wind, indoor heating, hot showers and rough cleansers will all result in redness, cracking and itching, just to name a few! Here are some quick tips to keep your skin nourished and happy this winter: Exfoliate Regularly  Dead skin cells will stop your moisturiser from sinking in properly. Gently buff your face regularly to ensure you are giving your skin enough breathing space to be able to absorb effectively. We love the Purify Dry Exfoliant, which combines Bamboo and Rapadura sugar to reduce toxicity and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The active superfood spirulina will also increase skin elasticity and is nutrient-dense, making this the perfect winter choice! Organic Face Products AustraliaDon't overheat in the shower Keep your shower or bath water lukewarm to avoid stripping your skin of essential oils and nutrients (that will then take a lot of work to replace!) Use a nourishing Moisturiser  Make sure you choose your moisturiser carefully! Many products on the market are petroleum-based, which will actually leave your skin feeling drier, as well as introducing toxins and chemicals that can be seriously irritating. Our pick is the wonderful Soothe Creme, which uses Calendula flowers, Lavender and Argan oil to soothe seriously stressed or inflamed skin, as well as relaxes the senses and calms free radical activity. You can also use a rich treatment oil like our Replenish Elixir - rich in omegas for boosting skin's hydration and comfort during the dry winter months. For best results, combine with a self-care facial massage once a week using the Replenish Elixir on freshly cleansed skin to really boost your radiance! Drink a lot of water It might sound cliche, but it remains significantly accurate - your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside out! Try adding kiwi and mint during the day or lemon with a drop of honey at night to increase the nutritional value. Foods with high water content (think celery, cucumber, tomato, kiwi, apples, carrots) will also increase hydration and are perfect winter warmers! Care for your lips! We've all been there - struggling against chapped, dry and flaky lips that feel awful! Harsh winds, sudden temperature changes, and strong indoor heating can play havoc with your lips, often with very painful consequences. Use a thick, nutrient-rich and natural lip balm like our Vegan Lip Balm that is packed with the goodness of Paw Paw and Kakadu plums, and is guaranteed to keep your lips feeling silky smooth! vegan lip balm

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