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Introducing our latest spa partner... Have you ever wanted to experience an organic and truly holistic spa treatment? Discover a whole new range of possibilities as we introduce the Anthropocosmic Apothecary Day Spa & Wellness retreat. Their blend of the treatments, using Synthesis Organic products, coupled with space and intuitive service is what allows them to introduce their guests to a whole new level of renewal, inviting them to be transformed and reconnect with their true self. Girl Spa Wellness Skin We asked them the following questions to help us share with you more about their unique offering and why they chose to partner with Synthesis Organics. What is your Philosophy?

We draw on the best of ancient and modern principles, from alchymie to yogic teachings, to create a harmoniously balanced wellness plan that promotes the health of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Using a combination of modalities, we treat our guest's concerns on all levels while being in tune with the energetic vibrations of our universe and through the heart, enriched with love. Offering a broad spectrum of spa, medispa, and wellness services, we focus on helping clients to balance their topical, physical, and energetic concerns. The intimate space we enjoy was created not only to bring all levels of wellness together under one roof but also to allow guests to reconnect with their True selves and just be.
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What inspires you?
Bringing together dermal therapies, spa, and wellness activities all under one roof is our way of enabling people to enjoy more regular moments in their lives with us. Our passion is to bring clients back to the Heart, using the tangible feeling of ‘Real’ nourishment and renewal which can be immersed in and invoked at every level of your being.  It is the embrace of Love, the restoration to the Mystery Of Life Itself, and allows people to gain clarity for their being. We thrive by educating and offering a solution to problems and promoting treatment for the cause, rather than just selling a product.  Providing the public with the truth of the cosmetic industry and what treatments are achieving is very important to us, as well as what products are actually doing and what marketing jargon actually means.   Tea Spa Wellness Wellbeing Synthesis Purify  
Why do you choose to use Synthesis products in your spa?
The products speak for themselves. The results seen in our clients' skin texture, tone, and firmness, as well as being felt by the individual, thanks to the wonderful energy imbuement. We are confident that the ingredients are of the highest grade and are in harmony with our Mother Earth, as they are certified organic and vegan. We love that this certification guarantees that everyone in the chain of making these products has held strict standards and regulations to ensure the integrity of the final product. The nurturing properties of the aromatherapy, together with the active ingredients allow people to be able to take a regular moment of wellness in their lives (even just breathing deeply while simply smelling the products produces amazing results). The overall wellbeing properties of the Tisanes and Facial products have always provided our clients with a moment to Reflect, Release and Renew.
We are so proud to stock a local brand from Byron Bay, that we can support and rave about! Synthesis was always our first choice of product when opening the Spa and remains an integral part of our Skin and Topical level of wellness.
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Have you had any feedback from client's yet?
"All my life I have been searching for an all natural certified organic facial skincare range that would improve my skin's appearance with a radiant glow. I also needed a skincare range to be infused with aromatherapy and smell divine. I have now finally found that facial skincare range. It is called Synthesis. If you have not tried this skincare range yet, I urge you to. As a beauty therapist and as a mother I highly recommend Synthesis. It feels and smells beautiful to use and the results are a youthful radiant glow that leaves you feeling and looking beautiful, and isn't that what we all want? Synthesis for beauty within, that shines out from your skin." - Summer
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