Naturally darker, thicker eyelashes


Those wonderfully thick, sooty eyelashes that are constantly splashed across the media have been iconic throughout history. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, it has been many a woman's goal to replicate these looks with whatever products they can get their hands on. But we think that you (like us) prefer not to use the harsh chemicals so common in mainstream mascara, especially so close to our eyes. While this may leave us with no quite so many options, we've found some of the best that nature has to offer to still give you that sexy fuller-lash look! 

Organic Castor Oil 

Apart from its super cleansing benefits, castor oil has been shown to naturally thicken and darken lashes! It will also make them stronger, and much less prone to breakages. This effect can be built up over time, and will ultimately be much longer-lasting than your regular mascara. Castor Oil will also encourage eyelash growth, creating that fuller look without any of the chemicals. Our Soothe Cleansing Oil contains organic Castor Oil, so every time you cleanse your face you are also giving your lashes a boost! 

Organic Argan Oil 

Another natural lash builder that will promote growth and is an alternative to Castor Oil. Argan Oil is also found in our Soothe Cleansing Oil and Soothe Creme, if you want to give your lashes a double boost! If you would like to use either Castor Oil or Argan Oil by itself, apply a small amount to a cotton pad and hold it against your lashes for about a minute, before wiping away. If you want to give yourself a more intense treatment, you can leave a little on overnight. 

Make your own natural mascara If you're waiting for the Castor Oil to work but still want to give your lashes the same effect without the chemicals, try this easy recipe to make your own natural mascara at home! This has traditionally made by burning vegetable oils such as coconut oil infused with herbal extracts and essential oils. The soot is then collected on a surface smeared with castor oil. It is a messy process, but the homemade product is much safer than any mascara you can buy today. Rather than collecting soot, there are many mess-free recipes available today! Base your mascara with castor oil and beeswax, adding charcoal powder for black color or cocoa powder for brown. Melt one tablespoon beeswax in a double boiler and add 2 tablespoons of castor oil into it. Then mix in charcoal powder/cocoa powder to get your desired color and consistency. 

Finally, dab a little on a clean mascara brush to use! Happy mixing xx


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