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Green queen: Theme Rains

Incredibly passionate about nature, health and the environment, Theme Rains founded Synthesis Organics in 2006. Inspired by over a decade of study, practice, and teaching in the healing arts in Australia and internationally, check out her feature in this month's Nature and Health, and find out more about her life philosophy!
What inspired your passion for organics?

I have the utmost respect for the healing power of nature, and I love that the organic movement honours and protects that. For the sake of everyone’s health, the environment, and the wellbeing of farmers and animals, I choose organic wherever possible: skincare, clothing, food, cleaning products, and even bedding. As a child I was guided by the influence of a traditional medicine woman in South Africa, and later I made the decision to live as harmoniously as possible with nature, moving to the Byron Bay area and immersing myself in alternative therapies and conscious living. My respect for nature and the sacred gift of life kept growing - and with it my passion for organics.

What is an ingredient you are in love with?

My all-time favourite is organic rose otto essential oil! It has so many benefits for the skin and the most incredible aroma; it also opens the heart chakra and has the highest vibration of any known ingredient, uplifting anyone who comes into contact with it.

What do you do for downtime?

Yoga, meditating and walking in nature - by the ocean, through the rainforests or in the bush. And I love to dance and play and laugh with my tribe.

Green queen: Theme Rains | By Lisa Tristram


Posted 30 September 2016


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