Peninsula Hot Springs Partnership

Peninsula Hot Springs and Synthesis Organics celebrate their new Partnership!
Peninsula Hot Springs Partnership Speakers:

  • Charles Davidson (founder of Peninsula Hot Springs)
  • Theme Rains (founder of Synthesis)
  • Professor Marc Cohen (RMIT)
Founder, Charles Davidson, opened the day by sharing the inspiring journey of the creation of Peninsula Hot Springs (PHS). Established in 1997 PHS is recognised today as the largest day spa in Australia with over 30+ bathing experiences servicing close to half a million people a year. Winner of the 'best mineral spring' in the World Luxury Spa Awards multiple times as well as 'ecotourism' in the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards. Mr Davidson shared the three and a half year journey to source a new spa skincare range, trialling numerous potential product lines, after making the decision to bring Synthesis Organics into the Spa Dreaming Centre. He chose Synthesis because:
  1. The Australian story
  2. The use of Native Botanicals ethically sourced in partnership with Indigenous Australian
  3. The philosophy of Synthesis, which aligns with the Peninsula Hot Springs, and their mutual dedication to offer restoration through connection with pure nature.
Mr. Davidson emphasised the choice of certified organic products for a wellness spa, citing the scientific research of Professor Marc Cohen into the impact of an organic lifestyle: “If you are serious about wellness, you must choose certified organic products.” Professor Marc Cohen went on to speak eloquently on the many now scientifically documented benefits to health of hot spring bathing and an organic lifestyle, which includes the use of organic skincare because it absorbs into the body. He said the choice of which cleanser to purchase may seem trivial, and yet the ripple effects of that choice can have huge impacts. 

“Your choice, for instance, may keep chemical toxins out of your body and the environment, and it may also support rainforest reforestation, indigenous communities, local small business, and transform your state of being, whereas the other, may not. The cumulative effects of these choices can have a big impact.” He endorsed the Synthesis Organics skincare range, not only because it is Certified Organic, but because each product has an impact on the overall wellbeing of the individual due to its unique Energy Imbuement Technology and aromatherapy benefits. He affectionately called Synthesis Organics founder, Theme Rains the ‘White Witch’. Her product formulations have an overall impact on the greater environment through ethical sourcing, seasonally adjusting and vibrationally attunement. These aspects make it unique, even amongst other Certified Organic ranges on the market. 

Theme Rains spoke about her own journey to create what is a ‘Synthesis’ of the many and varied influences that have positively affected her life, from early childhood years under the care of a traditional medicine woman in Africa collecting crystals, herbs and participating in ceremonies to her adult life immersion in the Healing Arts, Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, yogic disciplines and guidance of an Alchemist. She spoke of recent ‘green chemistry’ and extraction methods enabling the use of the most potent of plant bioactives from Australian botanicals for performance skincare without compromise, and the uniqueness of the Synthesis Energy Imbued Technology which has been trademarked. 

“Being organic doesn’t mean we have sacrificed on performance. Our all-natural bioactive ingredients have been clinically proven to show remarkable results on a variety of skin conditions including: sun-damage, acne, signs of premature ageing, sensitivity, eczema and more.” - Theme Rains, Founder and Director of Synthesis “We especially love working with Australian native extracts, utilising their unique properties that protect against our harsh climate. These botanicals, and the absence of petrochemicals and toxins in our products, leave your skin glowing with good health and vitality”, explains Rains. 

To celebrate the new partnership, Peninsula Hot Springs now offers a variety of treatments that utilise products from the Synthesis range including the bio-active facial, botanical sea salt exfoliation, organic mineral mud wrap body treatments and the refresh or rebalance massages. Two packages now include Synthesis products (the botanical journey and the bliss package) which also offer the ultimate hot springs experience. 

Media was then treated to a delicious lunch made from native Australian botanicals such as Kakadu plum (Gubinge) - ingredients also used in the ‘pure enough to eat’ Synthesis Certified Organic skincare. This was followed by a Global Bathing Journey to take in the many health benefits of the hot springs and a choice of Synthesis Organic facial or body treatment in the Spa Dreaming Centre. Everyone floated out after the day, glowing and with many stories to share.

Posted 14 June 2017


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