Product Spotlight: Rainforest Body Polish with Acai Berry and Coconut

Rainforest Body Polish Has your skin been getting a bit of a rough edge lately? If it's started to snag against your clothes, it might be time to think about updating your skin care routine. Never fear, we have the perfect product for you - our Rainforest Body Polish! An incredibly luxurious, organic and vegan body scrub, it will leave your skin feeling silky and refreshed every time. The key difference that ensures the success of this amazing body polish lies in the ingredients! Not only are they all completely natural, organic and cruelty-free, but you will reap so many more benefits than from your average body scrub. This starts with the main ingredient, Raw Brown Sugar, which is the basis of the product's exfoliation. Rather than use microbeads, as is common in many commercial products and comes with a myriad of issues for you and the environment, we use sugar! The natural, soft abrasive texture of sugar makes it the perfect exfoliant to make you skin glow with wellness, as well as being completely toxin and harm-free. While sugar is thoroughly gentle and beneficial, we are still aware that we are stripping away a layer of old skin, exposing for the first time the fresh layer underneath. Therefore, we have used the richly antioxidant and soothing properties of Acai Berry and Coconut to nurture and nourish the newly exposed skin, enriching it from the start to encourage a healthy glow. Expect super soft skin, closed pores and an even skin tone, regardless of skin type. Organic essential oils sourced from Australian rainforests round out our ingredient powerhouse, and include Cedarwood, Lemon Myrtle and Rosalina. The aromatic benefits from breathing in our Body Polish include relaxation, improved concentration, aids sleep and soothes tension. When used against the skin the fruit enzymes activate the skin renewal process, ensuring dead skin cells are released easily, reducing irritation and dryness. And if you're not already convinced, for every 2 jars, we adopt a rainforest seedling in the Daintree, which could grow up to 40 meters during its lifetime, absorbing over a tonne of carbon and helping protect threatened Australian wildlife. So get your Rainforest Body Polish and massage into damp skin using an upward motion, leave for 2 minutes and then rinse off and pat yourself dry to incredibly luxurious, silky smooth skin!