Product Spotlight: Brighten Beauty Tisane

The days are getting darker and the hours of sunlight shorter as we head into winter! During this time of year it can be hard to find the motivation or the time to stick to a skincare routine - but this is when our skin needs us the most! To successfully defy the effects of brisk winds and chill temperatures, it can often be a matter of starting from the inside out. Introducing our Brighten Beauty Tisane, the perfect solution for brightening the glow on your skin through the restorative power of our organic tisane blend. brighten beauty tisane   Why should you drink our Brighten Tisane? The team at Synthesis Organics has developed the perfect blend of organic ingredients so that you can sip your way into wellbeing! Rich in natural Vitamin C and stress-relieving adaptogens, we've used herbs, fruits, flowers, roots and seeds that are all completely edible and imbued with natural healing qualities. These ingredients are considered by many of the great healing traditions to be ‘elixirs of life and longevity’. Naturally sweet and caffeine free, this exceptional tisane has been crafted so that you not only get to experience and see the benefits of the ingredients used, but also so that you can enjoy the beautiful flavours. Perfect for the chilly winter days, it will warm you from the inside out as well as actively working to protect your inner glow from the well-known threats of stress, free radicals, inflammation and toxicity. The best part is that it does't require any changes on your part - just substitute your regular morning tea with this tisane! Interested in what Ingredients we use? We've created this list so that you can see the benefits you'll gain from each ingredient, and why we've hand selected them to make this such a powerful and healing tisane.

Amla – Antioxidant rich fruit believed to contain the highest amount of Vitamin C available in natural form, as well as many other strengthening nutrients. Fennel – Calming, anti-inflammatory, gently purifying. Hibiscus – Soothes irritated tissues, sweet astringent, gently detoxifying. Honeybush – High in vitamins, minerals, (potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and calcium) and antioxidants. Reported to slow the ageing process, increase our natural detoxification defences, lower blood pressure and relieve digestive distress. Nettle – Astringent tonic, rich in amino acids, gently detoxifying and balancing. Rosehip – Vitamins 1, B1, B2, B3, C & K. Red Clover – Rich in vitamins, trace minerals and other healthful compounds. Used as blood purifier and to address a range of skin troubles, including acne. Stevia – Balances blood glucose, nutritious and sweet tasting. Rose petals – Aromatic, strengthening, a blessing of the symbol of beauty. Tulsi – Regarded in Ayurveda as a kind of “elixir of life”. Believed to promote longevity with diverse healing properties, including being able to adapt to stress.
Ready to starting drinking your way to brightness? Find our tisane here, and re-embrace wellness from the inside out by steeping a heaped teaspoons in boiling water. Enrich your life with beauty from within! With love from the Synthesis Team xx
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