Safe, Effective and Natural Skin Brightening for Asians

After being asked by many of our customers to create a natural skin brightening for asians, we set out to research the most effective, and more importantly safe, ways to naturally brighten the skin. Our research led us to the discovery of a remarkable Ayurvedic herb Phyllanthus emblica (fruit) extract. As well as being a cascading antioxidant with remarkable age-defying properties, Phyllanthus emblica (fruit) extract naturally lightens the appearance of skin tone, age spots and dark pigmented areas. The mechanism of it's skin brightening acts at several different sites in the melanogenesis pathway:Mechanism of Skin Brightening Action · Excellent inhibitor of Fe2+ / H2O2 · Good inhibitor of Peroxidase / H2O2 · Weak inhibitor of Tyrosinase The quality and processing of Phyllanthus emblica (fruit) extract is of utmost importance in ensuring all of its potential benefits for the skin are realised, so we teamed up with a well respected laboratory who uses a patented process to extract the highest quality extract - trademarked Emblica™. They have conducted extensive human clinical trials to prove it's safety, efficacy and optimum concentrations. Here are the results of the studies conducted on the skin of Asian volunteers for your information as compared to other skin brightening ingredients commonly used: Skin brightening effect on Asian skin compared to MAP graphComparative Study of Emblica™ and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) in Asians A 1 % Emblica™ formulation was compared to a cream with 3 % MAP in Asian volunteers (16). 1 % Emblica™ was found to be more effective in brightening the skin of Asians than 3 % MAP. This skin brightening effect was much more pronounced in subjects having darker skin tones (ITA° < +20) than lighter. Skin brightening effect on Asian skin compared to MAP  Comparative Study of Emblica™ and Hydroquinone in Asianscomparitive skin brightening with Hydroquinone on Asian skin The skin of Asian subjects (13) treated with 2 % Emblica™ also showed a significant increase in the ITA° as the photographs taken at the end of the study and test results indicate. The starting ITA° of one of the test subjects selected was 1.5 and the final value was 9.6. Treatment with 2 % Emblica™ was as effective as 2 % Hydroquinone in brightening skin of Asian volunteers. comparitive skin brightening with Hydroquinone on Asian skin photo So you can see why along with the array of other skin rejuvenating and brightening ingredients, we included 2% Emblica™ into our Brighten Vit C Serum. Now we can confidently offer you a product with proven skin brightening, lightening benefits for Asian skin that is also safe and natural.  To purchase Synthesis Organics Brighten Vit C Serum (shipped internationally) or read about its other benefits, click here. To discover the additional benefits of Emblica™ for Caucasian, African, Hispanic and UV damaged skins, please see our other blog posts.

Posted 03 September 2014


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