Preparing your skin ready for summer

  skin ready for summer

We all typically come out of winter with skin that isn’t at the top of its condition. Long months of cold weather, indoor heat, dry air, and wind have likely taken their toll. Plus, if you lived in the northern climates, you may have eaten a bit more sugar and carbs than usual, as when we don’t have access to the sun, we tend to crave these things. Unfortunately, these foods can create skin issues, leaving it looking dull and sluggish for summer. 

The quickest and most effective way to rejuvenate your skin is exfoliation! Dead skin cells will stop your products from penetrating the skin effectively, stopping them close to the surface. The older we become, the slower our skin cells regenerate, meaning that old cells will stick around a lot longer. If allowed to build up too far, it can make our skin appear dull, rough, dry and wrinkled. Dead cells are also one of the most common culprits for blocked pores, which can lead to acne, blemishes and an oily complexion. And for all the fake tanners out there, regular exfoliation before applying tan will give you a longer-lasting and more even summer glow, without any additional aftercare. 

Exfoliation tips and tricks to get your skin summer-ready:

  • Exfoliating once to twice a week will usually ensure a regular turnover of skin cells
  • Always adequately moisturise afterwards to help restore the skin's natural oils
  • Avoid abrasive ingredients such as nutshells, fruit seeds or harsh chemicals. These will damage your skin further and accelerate ageing
  • Never scrub hard and always let the product do the work, lest you irritate your skin
  • If your product's instructions advise rubbing the exfoliant in your hards first, always do so - this is ensuring that the particles have no rough edges, and won't cause damage
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid any harsh chemicals or ingredients. Try to find an enzyme-based exfoliate that will gently break down cells without any physical particles.
For the Face
Purify Dry Exfoliant:
  • Purifying, healing and detoxifying anti-bacterial properties help treat and prevent acne, congestion and devitalised skin.
  • A rich array of supernutrients from ocean and earth activates skin cell regenerating properties that defy ageing and nurture a healthy glowing and youthful complexion.
  • Improves skin tone and lightening of the complexion while helping your skin maintain its firmness and hydration.
  • Suitable for most skin types especially combination, normal and oily.
  • Organic Spirulina – Known as one of the “superfoods”, Spirulina is a type of oceanic algae that contains a wide array of nutrients. Spirulina contains high-quality protein and large concentrations of vitamins and minerals, including the B complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium and iron, and vital amino acids. Spirulina is also high in a specific and rare type of fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid that is found in very few substances on Earth.
Soothe Dry Exfoliant and Mask:
  • Exfoliates skin of dead skin cells, impurities, excess oil and detoxifies skin of negative ions caused by free radicals.
  • Rejuvenates skin’s hydration and moisture to prevent damaged barrier function leaving skin soft and glowing.
  • Soothes inflammation and irritated skins like eczema and acne.
  • Kaolin Clay, the gentlest of clays beneficial for even the most sensitive of skins and thinned, mature skins. Removes surface build-up of dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil. Stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation to detoxify and rejuvenate skin great in helping treat acne.
  • Quartz, a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to ease irritated skins and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles for a healthy, fresh glow.
For the Body

  • For silky smooth skin that looks and feels renewed and cherished, apply this luxurious exfoliant all over your body at least once a week.
  • Antioxidant-rich Acai berry and replenishing coconut oil deeply nurture your skin, while raw brown sugar dissolves on application into a natural glycolic acid, to gently polish away dead skin cells, encouraging a healthy glow.
  • Australian rainforest essential oils cleanse, refresh and reinvigorate your skin and senses. Close your eyes and picture yourself by a rainforest stream as your body comes alive in this sensorial skin ritual.
  • Acai Berry Organic Powder bestows a bounty of essential vitamins 16 different antioxidants and 19 amino acids, omegas and 15 vital minerals. An antioxidant powerhouse to combat free radicals before they can damage the skin. Infuses the skin with regenerative nutrients which produces firm, soft, soothed, brightened, hydrated and uplifted skin for a fresh youthful glow.
  • Raw Sugar from sugar cane performs a natural glycolic acid chemical peel exfoliation of the skin to deeply cleanse within skin’s pores and remove dead skin cells and build-up of excess oil. A natural humectant providing the skin with moisture and hydration for a balanced dewy glow. Encourages break down of fat tissues great in treating cellulite.

Ocean Glow Body Salts
  • Bringing the natural skin healing wonders from the beach to your bathroom to exfoliate, regenerate and revitalise skin. With superfine sea salt and pumice stone deep pore cleanses and sheds dead skin cells. With kelp and peppermint stimulating blood circulation to oxygenate skin cells and boost cell turnover for strong radiant skin.
  • Australian Sea Salt superfine to avoid tearing of the skin. Rich in minerals to cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate deep in the pores of the skin to remove dead skin cells, impurities and toxins. Helps prevent TEWL benefiting eczema and psoriasis skins. Relieves pain from arthritis and muscle pains.
  • Kelp Infused Oil hydrates, stimulates and revitalises skin due to iodine and sulphur amino acid content. Contains silicon assists in renewing tissue healing wounds. Rich in chlorophyll increasing red blood cells to strengthen skin tissue, increases blood circulation to boost skins cell turnover and helps prevent TEWL keeping skin moisturised, hydrated for a smooth and glowing complexion.

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