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In time for Australia Day, we toast our local professional skincare brands. The diversity of these high quality-true blue collections is palpable; from the all-organic to the Ayurvedic-inspired. There is an ocean of choice that is ever-expanding

And local manufacturers understand the nuances of our sunburnt country and its effect on our skin better than anyone.

We speak with the inspiring women behind these thriving brands.

Theme Rains

Theme Rains – Synthesis Organics 

“Aussie ingenuity and willingness to ‘give it a go’ had led to a lot of innovation and creativity in delivering world class skincare,” says Theme.

NSW far north coast local Theme Rains launched Synthesis Organics in 2006 which has since clocked a number of accolades – recently being named runner-up in the prestigious global Sustainable Beauty Awards.

All products in the range are Certified Organic, Vegan Society Registered and Certified Cruelty Free.

Theme lives and breathes wellness – she is an aromatherapist, herbalist and psychotherapist and personally, formulates her conscious cosmetics in an organic lab near Byron bay.

“Our ethos is to be a ‘synthesis’ of the incredible balancing and regenerating power of nature, especially the native Australian flora of our great southern land, and the principles of the healing traditions of the world,” she explains.

“We provide transformative skin care and spa treatments via a heart-based business model that cares for the entire supply chain, to nurture beauty and spirit.


“Stringent responsible manufacturing standards generally ensures a high level of integrity from Australian skincare,” says Theme

“In Australia, we have more organic and uncontaminated land than anywhere else in the world from which to source pure fresh ingredients.

“Our native flora has to withstand one of the harshest climates and so Australia provides actives with exceptional skin care properties when extracted optimally, to service stressed skins anywhere.

“My local area is incredibly fertile, being in the crater of an ancient volcano, with very high rainfall,  so the growth and supply of actives from here is relatively easy and stable.

“The Brighten Vitamin C Serum is a hero in the range – in our climate, having regular antioxidant protection is so important and this product delivers cascading antioxidants (that is, they build protection through the day) so is a must have in any Aussie skincare regime.”

You Beauty! Aussie Skincare Heroines | By Jessica Turner

Posted 25 January 2017


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