Spring clean your beauty routine


With spring fast approaching, our skin can face many challenges as it adjusts to the new weather conditions. Congestion, breakouts, dull and problem skin are hallmarks of this time of year. With a few small adjusts in your skincare routine, you can ensure your skin remains flawless throughout the season! 

Change your moisturiser  

The seasonal weather dictates how much moisture your skin will need. An increase in humidity in spring and summer means that you can hydrate less, as your skin will gain moisture from the atmosphere. Sun exposure and sweat will still dehydrate the skin so you will still need to use a moisturiser, but it can be a much lighter one. Making this swap will prevent your skin from becoming overloaded, and maintain a fresh and dewy look throughout the warmer months. 

Our Purify Moisturiser is lightweight, with potent antioxidant and UV damage protection derived from Green Tea, Davidson Plum and Kakadu Plum. It hydrates, reduces redness and inflammation while promoting cellular renewal for smooth, healthy-looking and feeling skin. Feel the purifying bio-actives from Finger Lime Caviar and Lemon Myrtle with antibacterial and astringent qualities also balance and reduce the appearance of clogged and enlarged pores for a clear, radiant complexion. 


It is always crucial to maintain a good exfoliation routine. Dead skin cells halt the effects of any products by physically blocking them from reaching the new skin below. So regardless of what moisturisers or serums you apply, if you haven't exfoliated recently don't expect to see any big changes. If you want to concentrate on your face, our Purify Enzyme Cleanser is enriched with bio-actives to naturally encourage the release of dead skin cells for smoother, silkier skin. It is also pH balanced with lipid layer enhancers to keep skin hydrated and comfortable. 

Skin Detox 

Our four-week Detox program is designed not only to leave your skin feeling clear, beautiful, and glowing but to also give your mind a chance to unwind. Written by our founder Theme Rains, your Purify products will be accompanied by a matching holistic guide to a healthy mind and soul, allowing you to embrace a total body cleanse. Just like how ridding the skin of old dead skin cells allows the fresh new cells to shine through, bringing with them a radiant complexion, so too does rid other areas of our life of ‘congested’ or ‘toxic’ aspects allows fresh new experiences to shine through. 

Sun protection

As the weather heats up, the risk of sunburn increases with it. Our Australian summers are notorious for raw, burned skin, especially if you have easy access to the beach! Sunburns and premature ageing from UV exposure are more common in spring than in summer. As crazy as this may sound, it's due to people being more aware of the sun in summer, and therefore taking more care. It can be easy to forget about spring when the first hint of warmth makes us so excited that it's finally arrived! To prevent this, make sure your daily moisturiser has sun-blocking properties, such as our Soothe Crème. Try using BB creme or a foundation that has some measure of SPF, so you can integrate sun protection flawlessly into your routine without having to think about it! 

Check your products 

Now is a great time to check the expiration date on all your products. Using expired products is at best, a waste of time, and at worst, can be damaging for your skin. If your products don't have a date on them, do a spot test to see if they're going to irritate your skin. 12 months after opening is a good rule of thumb for product expirations, if you're not sure, try checking the product's website to see if there's any information there.

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