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Synthesis Organics is blessed with some incredible heart-felt ambassadors, and this page is all about introducing them to you. Each of them offers Synthesis workshops and represents our conscious lifestyle and true beauty philosophy.

Diane CarterDiane Carter, Acupuncturist

Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine)  |  Chinese Medicine Registration Board Certified (Aust) Certificate Facial Renewal Acupuncture  |  Certificate Meridian Massage  |  AACMA CMRB Certificate Colon Hydrotherapy  |  Certificate Nutrition | Health Funds Registered (Aust) As a degree-trained Acupuncturist, Diane Carter draws on her 25 years of experience as a Natural Health and Oriental Medicine therapist. Japanese Acupuncture, Nutritional/Lifestyle advice and Ancient Rejuvenation techniques form the basis of Diane’s passion in researching deeper into these fields and facilitating people to create their own journey towards lifetime health and wellbeing. Diane loves being outdoors the most, seeing how the natural elements have designed the landscape and how her body responds to the energy of water, wind, fire and earth. As an Acupuncturist and Facial Rejuvenation Specialist, she facilitates others to create their own healing journeys through treatment sessions, online education & products, workshops and retreats. With her own health challenges she became aware that what we feel translates as a ripple effect through our daily choices into our relationships and creates the world that surrounds us.
What does a Synthesis Lifestyle mean to you? (e.g. things you do, believe, practice to maintain your optimum wellbeing and true beauty)
Filling our cup so that it overflows has become a personal mantra as well as advice I give to my clients. This awareness of keeping ourselves at the centre of our choices and actions allows me to give to others and the world around me in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Synthesis has the philosophy of looking after our skin as well as our mind, body, emotions and spirit with daily rituals and nurturing ingredients.
What is your favourite Synthesis product and why? 
I so love cleansing my skin with the Purify Enzyme Cleanserevery morning as it exfoliates, cleanses and refreshes my senses with the incredible blend of Certified Organic bio-actives that I know is good for my skin, my health and the planet. What a great way to start the day! Synthesis Organics is such an amazing range on so many levels; being Australian, vegan, certified organic, energy-imbued and results-driven! The team at Synthesis has created the gold standard in holistic personal care in formulating a hand-made range that is incredibly effective while having great integrity. I so look forward to continuing being part of the Synthesis journey of spreading Light, Love, Beauty & Spirit.

 Diane Carter Diane Carter

Please get in touch with Diane to organise a workshop, Synthesis experience or just to connect.

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Posted 27 August 2018


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