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Synthesis Organics is blessed with some incredible heart-felt ambassadors, and this page is all about introducing them to you. Each of them offers Synthesis workshops and represents our conscious lifestyle and true beauty philosophy.

Synthesis Ambassador Sawitri

Sawitri Arsana, General Manager at Ubud Aura Retreat

I was born and raised in underprivileged Balinese family. We had to fight for couple grams of food and struggled to survive. Nevertheless, my father, Mr. Ketut Arsana (now a world famous yoga instructor and body worker), always believed that someday the dark would turn to light and happiness shined in the family. That inspired them to name me, SAWITRI,  "Beauty and intelligence were Savitri’s, and eyes that shine like the sun.”

Their dreams came true. The faith in our heart has become the light itself. It guides us always. I understand that sometimes my life is “unpredictable”, but I just follow what has my heart whispers to do.

I  graduated with Masters of Management and started my career by running the family business in small retreat accommodation, named Ubud Aura Retreat Centre. After successfully strengthening the foundation of business, I moved to OM HAM RETREAT AND RESORT that was launched in 2014, a big retreat accommodation that provides holistic wellness and wellbeing services. Now, I’m a Managing Director of a more complex wellness company, OM HAM RETREAT CORPORATE, that supervises three companies: Om Ham Retreat and Resort, Ubud Aura Retreat Centre and Ubud Bodyworks Centre.

The company offers a wide array of wellness & retreat activities and facilities such as accommodation, healthy food, Kundalini Tantra Yoga, wellness and healing spa treatments. I have been in this field for more than 8 years and I really enjoy welcoming guests to start their retreat journey.

What does a Synthesis Lifestyle mean to you? (e.g. things you do, believe, practice to maintain your optimum wellbeing and true beauty)

I describe Synthesis's lifestyle as "putting together the scattered part of elements to be reformed as a whole”. It means we have to accept ourselves so that we can understand each part and become wholely OURSELF. It reflects from the inside and out of who you are. True happiness is when we accept the imperfections of ourselves perfectly. The synthesis energy builds up and shines from your heart through your eyes and you shine like the sun.

What is your favourite Synthesis product and why? 

My favourite Synthesis product is REPLENISH ELIXIR, it’s like my meditation in a bottle. A perfect combination of beauty and healing. I just need to start my day by using the elixir on my face so my skin glows, and then also rubbing a drop into the centre of my heart.

The company I run has the same philosophy as Synthesis Organics, a genuine intention from the source and wholeness. We've been working with Synthesis for almost 5 years now, starting at Ubud Aura. We offer a healing facial that guides the guest into ultimate beauty relaxation. The special touch is the tea ritual, with energy imbued from the energy disc. This gives the guest benefits from beauty care and holistic healing. Now we are offering the treatment at Ubud Bodyworks Centre and Om Ham Retreat & Resort as well.

Ubud Aura Retreat Centre

Om Ham Resort & Retreat Centre

Posted 30 October 2018


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