Synthesis Ambassador | Shannon Rosie Barge

Synthesis Organics is blessed with some incredible heart-felt ambassadors, and this page is all about introducing them to you. Each of them offers Synthesis workshops and represents our conscious lifestyle and true beauty philosophy.

Shannon Rosie Barge

Shannon Rosie Barge

What are you most passionate about and how do you express it in the way you live and work?
I am so passionate about the health journey. My mission is to help my clients wake up tomorrow just a little bit healthier than they were today. It's the little consistent changes which will make the biggest difference long term. I love helping to educate people on how they can nourish and love their body.
What does being beautiful mean to you? Beautiful is the harmony between body and mind. Feeling clear and light both physically and mentally. Being present in your body, alive, happy and glowing. What is your go-to beauty ritual and how often do you do it?
I have recently done a total non-toxic overhaul of all my beauty products. Every morning after the gym I wash my face and moisturise, then do the same at night. I also put a lot of focus on healing my skin from the inside out. When you use natural products that don’t bother your skin it will then naturally communicate to you how your body is feeling on the inside. I make sure to notice any changes (such as eczema, dry skin, eye bags) and adjust my lifestyle accordingly. When we use toxic skincare products they block your skin from truly communicating this.
Do you share any beauty/wellness rituals with friends and family? if so, what are they and what do you feel are the benefits?
Absolutely. If you follow me on Instagram (@LivingWithRosie) I am always sharing products I love as well as nutritionist skincare tips. Most of them I save in my ‘skin’ highlights too.
How do you maintain your energy or your feel-good vibes even when things get very busy and potentially stressful or overwhelming?
Honestly, this is something I have only recently “mastered”. After a very stressful year last year I had to prioritise my self-care. Its all about disconnecting from your head and getting back into your body. Put the phone down and do something for you - preferable outside! For me it's going for a walk on the beach and playing with every puppy I can.
Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
I can’t think of anybody specific but right now I am just so inspired by everyone I meet who is speaking their truth. Anyone who is getting at it and following their true passion. It takes courage to step away from what you feel like you “should” be doing and follow your true path. I wasn’t exactly inspired to do what I do more, more my past led me here. A long history of health conditions which were not helped at all my mainstream medicine led me to look into alternative options. As soon as I saw the amazing results that could come from it; I was hooked.
What do you appreciate about Synthesis Organics? Is there any specific message you'd like to share with our Tribe?
Synthesis Organics is so much more than a beauty product brand. They create a community of like-minded women who are all working together to improve the lives of those around us. The connection is everything in life and SO make that happen.
What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered / what impact do you want to leave in the world?
I want to spread the health and wellness message as wide as I can. Honestly when I get messaged from a friend of a friend of friends, aunts mums, second cousin who says I have helped them with some element of their health it lights my soul on fire.

Posted 22 May 2019


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