Synthesis Spring Energy Essentials - Four simple tips to care for your liver and enjoy radiant wellbeing

Breathe To continue our Spring Energy Essentials, here are "Four Simple Tips To Care For Your Liver and Enjoy Radiant Wellbeing" written by the lovely Keri Kreiger.  Keri's philosophy is to bring about "soulful and healthy living free from judgement and rules" and also offers her unique Rockupuncture treatment.   The days are longer, the sun is up earlier, its feeling warmer longer into the day, yes Spring is here! In Chinese Medicine the season of Spring is related to the Wood element and the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder. It is no co-incidence that at this time of year we get the desire to ‘spring clean’ our homes and start eating lighter meals than we did during the winter. This is a very natural response to our environment and in times gone by we would literally have started to run out of the stores of dried foods and meat kept for the long winter. Viola! The creation of the detox! So what to do to nourish our Liver to maintain our optimal health? In Traditional Chinese Medicine when we talk about Liver health it is about more than detoxing from poor diet and alcohol.  The Liver regulates our emotions, maintains flow that keeps us flexible in mind and body and also houses the Hun a ‘soul’ that in TCM is responsible for supporting the emotional role of the organ. When, through external factors of stress and diet or internal disharmony, we find our selves with a short fuse, an inflexible outlook, feeling tense and having difficulty sleeping its time to take care of our Liver! Four simple things you can do that you Liver will thank you for are; breathing, moving, hydration and dreaming!Breathing: Deep belly breathing massages the Liver as the diaphragm naturally expands downward. This relieves physical tension and the ‘stuck’ feeling so many of us are familiar with after a day of stress. Moving: Gentle full body movement ensures Liver Qi is moved through the tendons and joints keeping us supple. This could be walking, swimming or yoga. Hydration: Hydration ensures the liver, which is wood element is flushed and nourished by the water element. Dreaming: The sleep that is essential for the Liver to cleanse our blood is also essential for our spiritual dreaming.  The process we need to take our aspirations and dreams and transform them into goals and plans is achieved by a healthy and creative Hun! So when we find ourselves, stuck, or sleepless, stressed and unmotivated, Breathe, Move, Hydrate and Dream your way back to health! With these four tips in mind you can nourish yourself through the transitions from Spring into a beautiful Summer full of wellbeing and passion for life. Written by Keri Kreiger KKlogo  

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