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Why choose Synthesis Organics Essential Oils?

30 May 2019

Many of you are already integrating these amazing gifts from nature into your life, and for those who are just beginning your aroma journey, so much wonder awaits you. There has never been a better...

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Australia in Aromatherapy

12 May 2019

 Australia can be characterised by a wide variety of scents, varying from bushland to the ocean. Used within aromatherapy, Australian essential oils can evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity,...

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Product Spotlight: Purify Enzyme Cleanser

15 February 2018

Have you tried our award-winning Purify Enzyme Cleanser? Enriched with 12 bio-actives to naturally encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells for a smooth, clear complexion. It contains over 100...

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Product Spotlight: Replenish Eye Cream

14 January 2018

Have you tried our Replenish  Eye Cream? Nourish your skin’s delicate eye area, ensuring moisture balance is protected and reducing visible signs of premature aging along with deep and gentle...

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Ylang Ylang your way to perfect skin

03 December 2017

Ylang ylang essential oil is derived from the petals of a large tropical tree. The name of the tree actually means ‘flower of flowers’ and it was named because of its incredible sweet floral...

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Does your skin need a Serum?

03 December 2017

If you're not sure what a serum is, you are not alone! It can be confusing to work out exactly what they are for, and why you need them. You're already using a cleanser and a moisturiser, maybe even...

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Why you actually need a toner in your skincare routine

15 November 2017

  The benefit of using a toner can sometimes be unclear - as we continue to have busy and active lives, wasting time on a product that does nothing for us just does not make the cut! The market...

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Rosehip, your irritable skin saviour

15 November 2017

One of Mother Nature's best-kept secrets is the benefits of organic rosehip oil to the skin. Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rose, Rosa Aff. rubiginosa or Rosa...

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Cleanse with oil. Really!

01 November 2017

It may seem a living contradiction, but cleansing your face with oil is the most gentle and effective way to remove dirt and protect against impurities. Your skin naturally produces oil because it...

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Product Spotlight: our NEW Purify Moisturiser!

02 October 2017

We are so excited to introduce a brand new product, our Purify Moisturiser! Pairing beautifully with our Purify Enzyme Cleanser, this is the perfect duo for oily, combination, acneic or ageing...

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Product Spotlight: Soothe Face & Body Oil

14 August 2017

Although we are nearly at the end of winter, the harsh climate can still be wreaking havoc with your skin. Dry, chapped, and flaky skin, tightness and redness, and increased sensitivity are the...

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Why avocado oil could be your skin miracle!

28 May 2017

Avocado oil is absolutely one of our most favourite ingredients! The most penetrative of all-natural plant oils, this means that it not only affects the epidermis but also the dermis layer of your...

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What’s the #1 ingredient most likely to cause an allergic reaction?

14 May 2017

A recent study found that more than a third of people had at least one allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients. These problems can range from simple rashes to full-blown allergic...

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Treat your skin to a spa worthy body scrub at home!

02 May 2017

 Come on a journey with us now... Transform your home into a spa with the help of Synthesis Organics, and treat yourself to some luxurious self-indulgence without having to leave the...

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Nourish your inner and outer beauty with superfoods from the rainforest

30 April 2017

 Acai the small superfruit from the Brazilian Amazon, very rich in natural nutrients and antioxidants.[/caption] The term 'superfood' has been passed around a lot lately and assigned to a wide...

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How our Brighten Vit C Serum can change your skin!

12 March 2017

 We all crave that visible healthy glow that radiates our true beauty and the Synthesis Brighten Vitamin C Serum supports just that. Formulated using the very latest in green chemistry, our...

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Synthesis, Skincare and Roses - Your Beauty Solution!

15 February 2017

 We absolutely love to use rose in our products - and we're ready to shout it from the rooftops! Read on to see exactly why we use it, what it does for your skin and why we know you're going to...

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Have you heard about our Lab?

18 November 2016

What your Synthesis Organic products can see while they're being made![/caption] Have you ever been curious about where your Synthesis Organic products come from? We know that many skincare ranges...

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Why you'll love Vanilla Oil!

18 November 2016

Aside from having one of the most universally-loved scents, vanilla oil has some amazing health benefits, internally and externally. Although not technically an essential oil, it can safely be...

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Australian Natives in Skincare

18 November 2016

Australia is well known for its rich variety of resources, most readily available. Our commitment to sourcing ethical, sustainable and organic ingredients for our products is one of our founding core...

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Summer Skin Essentials: Exfoliation

18 October 2016

What is exfoliation? A natural bodily process, shedding dry, old, hardened skins cells releases new cells, allowing fresh, vibrant skin to the surface. Not removing dead skin cells means that your...

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Why choose Australian Certified Organic?

05 October 2016

“If you are serious about wellness, you must choose certified organic ” – Professor Marc Cohen (2016) Why choosing Certified Organic is important for your health With certified organic and...

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Why we love Calendula!

20 September 2016

As an ingredient, Calendula has been used for centuries to benefit both mind and body. Also known as marigolds, these beautiful flowering plants have certainly made their mark here at Synthesis...

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Product Spotlight: Replenish Elixir

12 September 2016

Are you feeling like it's time for a day at the spa? Need to replenish your energy and inner sense of Self? A particularly busy or stressful period can definitely leave an impact, and usually the...

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Meet Anthropocosmic Apothecary

04 July 2016

Introducing our latest spa partner... Have you ever wanted to experience an organic and truly holistic spa treatment? Discover a whole new range of possibilities as we introduce the Anthropocosmic...

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The Power of Energy - The Synthesis Difference

12 April 2016

When we are seeking to achieve happiness, we are often told to look within or to do things which bring us joy. For many, a spa treatment, such as a facial or massage, can help to dissipate what...

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Our Head in the Clouds with the Synthesis Organics 2016 Product Launch

09 March 2016

This time last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming some of Australia's finest beauty editors, bloggers, and wellness writers to the 2016 product launch for Synthesis Organics and our baby range...

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team - Introducing Michaela, Synthesis Spa Therapist

02 March 2016

We felt you may like to meet some of the vibrant team behind our brand so will be introducing some of the Synthesis tribe in upcoming blog posts. First up is Michaela, a Synthesis Spa Therapist and...

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Sustainable Packaging That

Sustainable Packaging That Doesn't Cost The Earth

01 March 2016

All our ingredients are sustainable, with 95% of them coming from certified organic farms. Our organic factory is run on rainwater and we are on our way to 100% renewable energy power. We recycle all...

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Synthesis Soothe for Mother's Day

04 April 2015

With Mother's Day just around the corner, Synthesis Organics is celebrating motherhood. How special, that once a year, we set aside a day to worship the powerful women that are mothers. (This...

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Go Behind the Scenes of our Yearly Certified Organic Audit

15 November 2013

Another year passes and with increased numbers of companies wanting to take advantage of the Certified Organic market, we have definitely seen even tighter controls and checks in place to...

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The Current of Synthesis Gains Momentum - ROLL CAMERAS!

15 November 2013

Following our collaboration with Sentient World Entertainment for the Dr. Melanie Joy tour our new friends took it upon themselves to support us in creating an official Synthesis mini-film this...

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