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Create your perfect meditation space

26 August 2016

The power of meditation is immense, and we're sure most of you have already experienced it - but how many of you have a dedicated space to use? Wouldn't it incredible to have a room or area in your...

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Why should you balance your chakras?

14 August 2016

Feeling achy or stiff? Having reoccurring emotions or fears? A likely cause is that your chakras have become blocked or misaligned, which will stop your life energy from flowing harmoniously. As...

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Meet Anthropocosmic Apothecary

04 July 2016

Introducing our latest spa partner... Have you ever wanted to experience an organic and truly holistic spa treatment? Discover a whole new range of possibilities as we introduce the Anthropocosmic...

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Spring Energy Essentials - Simple Green Smoothie

01 October 2013

With the advent of spring and the fresh new adventures it brings, it is so important that we take care of ourselves, nurturing our body-temple so we can function to our highest potential, in...

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