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6 ways to make 2018 your most positive year

27 December 2017

A new year is a perfect time for a fresh start. Regardless of what your 2017 was like, it's easy to make sure that 2018 is filled with positivity and happiness. A few small changes to your daily...

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How to bring peace and calm throughout your life

14 December 2017

We are fast approaching what is one of the busiest times of the year. It can be easy for life to become overwhelming, so it's important to remember to center yourself and keep both body and soul...

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Ylang Ylang your way to perfect skin

03 December 2017

Ylang ylang essential oil is derived from the petals of a large tropical tree. The name of the tree actually means ‘flower of flowers’ and it was named because of its incredible sweet floral...

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Fragonia - to bring out the best in you

02 October 2017

Hailing from the wild, friendly flora of the Australian outback, Fragonia essential oil is a largely undiscovered wellness secret. Gentle yet influential, Fragonia blesses the body and is thought to...

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What is a

What is a skin reset, and do I need one?

14 September 2017

Have you been experiencing unpredictable skin recently? Or is it flaring up and out of control, and nothing you do seems to fix it? This can be a reaction to many different things - daily stress,...

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Nature & Health — Best organic beauty buys

09 June 2017

The word is out – organic is in, with the market increasing 15 percent in just 12 months. But how do you know you’re buying the best? Lisa Tristram reports. Cosmetics, personal care and...

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5 ways you can celebrate life everyday

31 March 2017

It's very easy to let life bring you down - to become trapped focusing on the negatives, holding onto the little things. It is, however, just as easy to bring back joy into your every day. By making...

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BEAUTYDIRECTORY — What’s the next wellbeing wonder?

02 February 2017

 Wellbeing is a word that hadn’t come into our periphery until recent years. Now the concept is a booming industry that has harboured a fleet of brands dedicated to increasing our health and...

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Why you should be taking a mindfulness walk

15 January 2017

 Walking is an incredibly central part of our lives. While we might not achieve our 10,000 steps all the time, not a day goes past where we don't walk. The health benefits of walking are...

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Peninsula Hot Springs – New Spa Product Range from Synthesis Organics

12 December 2016

 We are proud to introduce our new spa product range from Synthesis Organics. Synthesis Organics is a luxurious Australian certified organic bioactive skincare and aromatherapy collection, with...

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Thefitnessfootfiend — Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Calendar Launch

12 December 2016

The morning started with a delicious spread of raw treats, fresh fruit, and tea in the royal Moroccan tent (perfect for private functions I might add), followed by an outdoor vinyasa flow yoga class...

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Nature and Health – Drop a decade!

21 November 2016

If your face is giving away your real age, check out these easy tricks from our experts - then you really will look as young as you feel. Stop Stressing "It’s been proven we can change our genes...

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Have you heard about our Lab?

18 November 2016

What your Synthesis Organic products can see while they're being made![/caption] Have you ever been curious about where your Synthesis Organic products come from? We know that many skincare ranges...

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Why we love Calendula!

20 September 2016

As an ingredient, Calendula has been used for centuries to benefit both mind and body. Also known as marigolds, these beautiful flowering plants have certainly made their mark here at Synthesis...

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Product Spotlight: Replenish Elixir

12 September 2016

Are you feeling like it's time for a day at the spa? Need to replenish your energy and inner sense of Self? A particularly busy or stressful period can definitely leave an impact, and usually the...

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Create your perfect meditation space

26 August 2016

The power of meditation is immense, and we're sure most of you have already experienced it - but how many of you have a dedicated space to use? Wouldn't it incredible to have a room or area in your...

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Why should you balance your chakras?

14 August 2016

Feeling achy or stiff? Having reoccurring emotions or fears? A likely cause is that your chakras have become blocked or misaligned, which will stop your life energy from flowing harmoniously. As...

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Learn how to purify your air naturally using houseplants

01 August 2016

There are many different air purifiers on the market, but you won’t find anything more natural or pure than the humble house plant! Toxins can be invisible and hiding in many different parts of the...

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Why we love Lavender!

28 July 2016

Beautiful and fragrant, Lavender is one of our favourite ingredients to use in our Synthesis Organics products due to its amazing skin and health benefits! It originates from northern Africa and the...

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8 yoga poses to open your heart and release negative emotions

19 July 2016

Feeling tight and unbalanced but not entirely sure why? Use the power of yoga to de-stress and re-embrace life! Suppressed emotions and stresses from daily life can easily build up tension without...

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Make your own immune boost herb stock

19 July 2016

Feeling the chill of winter dragging you down? Whip up our easy immune booster stock to give your body the extra help it needs using a natural, organic approach.   Not only does this stock make...

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How to keep your skin glowing in the winter months

04 July 2016

It might be getting colder, but that doesn't mean your skin has to suffer. Cool temperatures and low humidity results in dryer air, which is constantly stealing the moisture from your skin. Harsh...

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Synthesis Spring Energy Essentials - Four simple tips to care for your liver and enjoy radiant wellbeing

25 October 2013

To continue our Spring Energy Essentials, here are "Four Simple Tips To Care For Your Liver and Enjoy Radiant Wellbeing" written by the lovely Keri Kreiger.  Keri's philosophy is to bring about...

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