Top tips for clear, summer skin

Summer can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to keeping your skin clear! Hot, dry days will dry your skin out, and the wrong moisturiser will only clog pores rather than renew them. Thick coats of sunscreen, while necessary, can have an even more adverse effect, deepening on how long you need to wear it. Sunburn can wreak even more havoc, destroying skin cells and forcing the body to expend large amounts of effort to repair the damage. While this can seem daunting, with the right routine and products, you'll find that you'll keep dewey, fresh skin no matter what the sun throws at you! 


It all starts at the beginning. Make sure to wash with a cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin, or contain excess chemicals that strip away natural oils. For your face, we recommend our Soothe Cleansing Oil, designed to be gentle yet still remain effective. It uses using chamomile to reduce redness and irritation and jojoba and macadamia oils to gently cleanse away impurities. For the body, our Hand and Body Wash is a gentle body wash that cleanses and nourishes the skin while providing antioxidant protection. 


It is always crucial to maintain a good exfoliation routine. Dead skin cells halt the effects of any products by physically blocking them from reaching the new skin below. So regardless of what moisturisers or serums you apply, if you haven't exfoliated recently don't expect to see any big changes. If you want to concentrate on your face, our Purify Enzyme Cleanser is enriched with bio-actives to naturally encourage the release of dead skin cells for smoother, silkier skin. It is also pH balanced with lipid layer enhancers to keep skin hydrated and comfortable. For the body, our Rainforest Body Polish use antioxidant-rich Acai Berry and rich coconut oils nurture your skin, encouraging a healthy glow. Australian rainforest essential oils cleanse, refresh and reinvigorate your skin and senses. For every 400g jar sold and every 5 x 100g sold, we adopt a rainforest seedling in the Daintree, which could grow up to 40 meters during its lifetime, absorbing over a tonne of carbon and helping protect threatened Australian wildlife. 


As with any skincare routine, hydration is key. One of the biggest skin problems of a hot Aussie summer is dryness and dehydration (inside and out!) and can create all kinds of issues. It is also incredibly important to follow up any cleanser or exfoliate with moisture, as by their very nature they will strip the moisture out of the skin. Our Hydrate Tonic has proven ultra-hydrating benefits from both low and macromolecular bio-Hyaluronic Acid to increase elasticity, smooth away fine lines and impart a dewy freshness to your skin. It can be used over make-up and is the ideal pick-me-up, especially while traveling or in air conditioning. Your whole body may require hydrating depending on your day - try using our Vegan Lip Balm for your lips and our Soothe Face and Body Oil for anywhere else.

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