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It is rare to meet someone who has not had to deal with dry skin at some point. Itchy, red and flaky, it can happen without any changes to your skincare routine and is often quite unpleasant. And, in time, it can lead to continued skin problems such as wrinkles on your face, neck, and chest. Yes, you read that right, dry skin can lead to wrinkles. But did you know the “dryness” you feel might not be dry skin at all? In fact, it could be dehydrated skin. Often what we consider to be dry skin is really dehydrated skin, and you might accidentally be making your skin problems worse if you’re not correctly treating your skin! Dehydrated skin is more common, meaning there’s not enough water content inside of your skin cells - and this isn't fixed as easily as drinking more water. 

Skin can also be lipid dry, meaning the skin isn’t producing enough oil. Individuals with “dry skin types” have lipid dry skin and as a consequence of lipid dryness, the skin can also become dehydrated. In contrast individuals with “combination skin” – characterised by an oily T Zone and dry flaky patches around the eyes or cheeks are likely to have dehydrated skin because there’s still oil production occurring when the skin’s in a “combination” state. 

Dehydrated skin is characterised by the skin which appears lack-lustre and dull or “tired”. When pulled taut the skin almost seems to wrinkle and sag instead of having its usual bounce back elastic quality. The texture of the skin will look a little rough and may have some dry flaky patches. Dehydrated skin can often feel tight and can become irritated easily which frequently leads to itchiness, redness and in some extreme cases burning or stinging. Dehydrated skin is also more prone to congestion – bumps, blackheads and even acne. It will tend to soak up moisturiser but may remain oily in places and dry and flaky in others. Dehydration can cause dermal depletion which results in deeper wrinkles that are visible on the surface of the skin, as well as elastosis and sagging skin. 

These are our tips for healthy, dewy skin all year round! 

Use a Mild Cleanser 

Traditional body soaps are harsh on the skin and can cause damage to the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Soap works by removing natural oils from the skin and with those oils go the unwanted debris. This is problematic because it can cause dry skin to become even drier. Ideally, cleansers should have a low pH consistent with the normal acidic pH of the skin. These cleansers tend to be less irritating than traditional soaps and have been found to optimize skin barrier function and help to trap moisture in the skin while removing the surface dirt.  There is also evidence to suggest that slightly acidic cleansers help reduce irritation. 

We recommend our Soothe Cleansing Oil which has a synergised blend of nutrient-rich, cold-pressed and antibacterial oils to treat your skin while gently dissolving makeup, sunscreen, excess oil, and impurities from deep within your pores. Infused with Calendula, Chamomile, and Lavender flowers to visibly calm and condition the skin. Using this oil, your skin’s delicate moisture balance is protected with an advanced softening action to leave it feeling smooth and supple. Excellent for sun-damaged, stressed, sensitive, dehydrated, devitalised, oily, combination and break-out prone skin. Removes make-up (including waterproof mascara) without burning or irritating the skin or delicate eye area. Nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes whilst also boosting skin’s collagen and elastin production for youthful skin. 

Use the Right Moisturiser 

Daily use of moisturizers, which contain substances that promote skin hydration and/or substances that reduce water loss from the skin, is a crucial component of dry skin management. Moisturizers should be applied immediately after bathing and gentle drying of the skin. Our Soothe Creme has rich emollients and botanical extracts that deeply moisturises, nurtures and hydrates skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and youthful. High levels of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids help to prevent free radical damage from exposure to sun, stress and pollution. Precious oils, with heart-warming aromas, promote relaxation and a sense of peace, while soothing stressed skin. 

Try to Avoid Harsh Climates 

Balance is everything! Too much heat or cold can seriously dry out your skin, as can prolonged exposure to air-conditioning, dramatic changes in temperature and high winds. We can't always control our environment, but we can do things to alleviate the less desirable aspects - use a humidifier to control air quality, minimise exposure to the sun, and try to avoid very hot showers. 

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