Ultimate Luxury: Synthesis self-care facial massage

organic facial massage

There is one thing that can never be replaced: the human touch. Studies by Robyn Reisch have shown that "physical touch is the most important aspect of human development and culture. It activates the body's vagus nerve, which is intimately involved in our compassion response." There is a reason a spa therapist will rub and knead the skin during a facial - it is incredibly grounding and will instantly improve the appearance of your skin, as well as numerous other benefits. This makes it the ultimate in self-care luxury - treat your skin to rejuvenating skincare combined with the soothing qualities of skin-to-skin touch.

Further benefits of facial massage include:
  • Increased cell turnover, which leads to softer, smoother, younger looking skin
  • Easing tension and stress, which provides overall relaxation and can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Increased collagen production, which leads to supple, firmer skin
  • Increased blood flow, which improves collagen production
  • Delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells through facial massage
  • Regulation of oil production
  • Raised skin cell metabolism by detoxing the skin cells
  • Reconstructed skin barrier
  • Reduced skin reactivity and sensitivity
Synthesis Self-Care Facial Massage

Create a quiet undisturbed moment, clean face and hands thoroughly.

Synthesis Organics

Apply Synthesis Replenish Elixir via your fingertips to face, neck and décolleté. Take a deep breath.

Step 1: Neck

  • Lift your chin up and massage your neck using upward strokes-from the collarbone to the base of the chin.

Step 2: Chin

  • Start from the centre from under your chin, move your index and middle finger under your jaw, outwards to the ears.

Step 3: Mouth

  • With circular movements, apply pressure to your chin, around your mouth- massage along the lower lip outward and upward.

Step 4: Cheeks

  • Stroke from the corners of your mouth to the ears. Use one hand on each cheek and move them both out together.

Step 5: Nose

  • Massage the tip and sides - back and forth, actuating on the upper movement. Then slide your index fingers down along the sides of your nose starting at the nose bridge.

Step 6: Eyes

  • Stroke in a circle around your eye sockets with your middle fingers. Stroke firmly and evenly from the bridge of your nose out over your eyebrows, press on your temples, then glide lightly under your check bone, taking care not to get the oil too close to your eyes.

Step 7: Forehead

  • Stroke from the centre of your forehead to your temples and finish by pressing gently on the temples. Place both index fingers on the bridge of your nose and make short, firm strokes upward.

Step 8: Décolletage and finish

  • Massage any excess oil onto your décolletage in the figure of eight movements.
  • Finish by making little clockwise circles on your heart centre. You may choose to repeat a mantra or affirmation throughout such as: "I am love. I am beautiful. I feel at peace"
If you would like to come to one of our workshops to learn more about self-care beauty facial massages and rituals, click here.

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