What is a skin reset, and do I need one?

Have you been experiencing unpredictable skin recently? Or is it flaring up and out of control, and nothing you do seems to fix it? This can be a reaction to many different things - daily stress, sudden changes in climate, dehydration, and hormones, just to name a few. If all your usual remedies aren't working, it could be time to do a skin reset. From time to time, your pores will become clogged and unable to expel dirt, especially if we are using products with chemical-based ingredients. It's times like this that they need a little helping hand, and a skin reset could be just the thing. 

What exactly is a skin reset? 

Think of it as a detox program for your skin. An incredibly deep cleanse, that is able to remove dirt and pollutants from deep down in your pores, making your skin look and feel fabulous. By going back to basics and embracing the natural balance of your skin, you allow it to expel all the toxins and recover peacefully, restoring that glowing, luminous look. This will also carry the added benefit that you will enjoy the full effect of the products you use after this, as they will be able to properly penetrate the skin and work their magic. 

Need more convincing? If you've been using natural products for a while but haven't seen any improvements, this could be due to lingering chemicals or blockages within the pores. A skin reset will clear these out, giving your skin the opportunity it needs to embrace the benefits of your products. If you've been under a lot of stress, your body will have been producing more hormones, leading to a sticky oil that traps dead skin cells in your pores, leading to breakouts and blemishes. So now you've decided you need a skin reset - how do you do it? 

1. Avoid using harsh irritants such as peels, fragrances, synthetics, alcohol, and toxic chemicals - this will aggravate the skin even more. This is the time to repair and should opt for calming ingredients such as chamomile oil and rose oil. Be certain that the products you are using don’t have problematic ingredients that are known to cause irritation. 

2. Invest in a deep cleansing mask that is imbued with properties that will actively draw out the toxins in your skin, de-clogging your pores completely. Our Zeolite Detox Skin Mask has been specially designed for this purpose. It uses Zeolite, a native volcanic mineral clay that has a unique honeycomb structure, allowing it to have maximum absorption of pollutants. 

3. Give your skin a break! Don’t bombard your skin with too many products, and try to avoid makeup for a time. Wash your face with a gentle, natural cleanser and apply a natural, light moisturiser skin becomes better. Our Soothe range is the perfect match for this, as chamomile, vanilla and calendula combine to provide your skin with the ultimate comfort. This is a way to let your skin heal naturally and repair itself. Try to use a light sunscreen daily, or swap your foundation for a BB creme, as this will protect skin from the sun while it's repairing. 

4. Avoid triggers such as scrubbing, extreme cold or hot water, steaming or icing the face, loofahs, bar soaps, astringents/toners that contain alcohol. These will trigger your skin to flare up even more and potentially cause further damage. 

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