What is 'Self-Love'?

From fitness bloggers to superfood recipes, the term 'Self Love' has started cropping up everywhere.

It has become a holistic term to encompass the simple act of looking after yourself.

Type the phrase into Google, and a long list of self-help sites crop up - "Practicing Self Love In Ten Easy Steps", or "21 Ways To Simple Self Love.”

https://twitter.com/mindbodygreen/status/711983293495910400 https://twitter.com/mindbodygreen/status/710058419315744768 Here at Synthesis, it's becoming a bit of a sticking point.

We love the concept of 'Self Love', but aren't sure our definition of the practice fully aligns with this (now overused!) term.

So, we sat down with Synthesis founder and direction Theme Rains to chat about caring for yourself, and what 'Self Love' means to us as a brand.

How do you define 'Self-love'?

To me, I prefer to capitalise the 'S' in Self-love. This connects it with the 'Absolute', which I believe is the essence of all forms of love. Self-love is therefore about making time and holding space for re-connecting, re-charging and engaging with the literal feeling of love in and for our own 'being' and for all existence.

How do you personally practice 'Self-love'?

Love is expressed through action, so for me, it's things like... being aware, connecting with nature, meditating, yoga, time with inspiring heart-felt teachers and friends, reading uplifting books, having herbal mineral baths, massages, gardening, jumping in the ocean, saying 'no' to what is 'less than love', volunteering, and eating nourishing foods, to name a few

Basically, anything that nourishes the heart, the body, the spirit and inspires us to be the best of ourselves.

Self-love is also about going deep and acknowledging, accepting and making peace with ourselves on all levels. It is about opening up to the Love that is our very essence..

As the poet Rumi so beautifully put it;  'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Is it easy? Do you work it into your daily routine?

Of course, it's easy! As a daily practice, I make time to 'meditate' - or sit and connect with my being-ness rather than my tendency to doing-ness, practice yoga or exercise in nature.

I use Synthesis on my skin and take time to breathe in the aroma and feel their precious benefits go to work. I diffuse essential oils through my work and living spaces to support and uplift. I cleanse body and aura with essential oil and energy enriched showers and baths.

Recently I've bought back my morning Green smoothie to make sure my body is getting all the nourishment it needs.

Every week I make time to attend an uplifting, enriching event and/or do some form of energy or bodywork (could be acupuncture, massage, reflexology) as preventative health care and for my general wellbeing, which I know then has a ripple effect on those around me.

How does Synthesis as a brand encompass the concept of 'Self Love’?

It is literally embedded in every product.

My inspiration in creating these products was to create a 'synthesis' of the many healing, life-positive influences that have touched, transformed and uplifted my life and present them in the form of skincare, workshops, retreats and treatments.

Synthesis offers products made with love, imbued with uplifting, healing energies, that nurture body and spirit, and do no harm to our precious environment, people or animals. Choosing to use Synthesis on your skin, or attend our workshops/retreats/spas are all beautiful expressions of Self-love. 

[caption id="attachment_3729" align="alignleft" width="960"]reiki Reiki is a great way to practice Self Love, and works as an illness prevention method, too.[/caption]

Why is 'Self Love' important?

Self-love is also about 'filling up' again so that we can offer the best of ourselves to life, to our families, friends, community and all we are connected to... which is 'everything.' So by choosing Self-love, we can make a difference not just to ourselves, but to the world.

How can we incorporate it into our everyday life?

By creating sacred space for activities / rituals that nurture and cultivate love and care. For example, using Synthesis organics on your skin morning and night, taking time to breathe in and be conscious of the life-positive benefits.

Self-love, it would seem, transcends a goji berry or a Wednesday night yoga class - whilst it's definitely both of those things, they must be a part of something more powerful.

It is a mentality that should be accepted in its entirety, a lifestyle, a daily commitment to ensuring your cup is full, so you can nourish those around you.

How will you practice Self-love today?

Posted 24 March 2016


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