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Wellbeing is a word that hadn’t come into our periphery until recent years. Now the concept is a booming industry that has harboured a fleet of brands dedicated to increasing our health and wellbeing both short- and long-term. Australiana But just which plant species and how they have been utilised have changed over time. Comments Synthesis Organics founder Theme Rains: “The latest innovations in organic beauty are to be found in superior extraction methods to enhance bio-availability of the multitude of phytonutrients held in botanicals.” Rains believes there will be a “focus on new Australian native extracts” emerging in the marketplace. It’s a theme also embraced by endota spa national educator Helen Robb-Lacey, who explains of the brand’s upcoming innovations: “Expect results-based sophisticated formulas. The endota spa Bio-Active Plant Complex made up of Davidson Plum – grown from an Australian native subtropical rainforest tree is rich in vitamins, fruit acids and antioxidants and can be used as an anti-ageing and regenerating agent. Lemon aspen – grown from an Australian native tropical rainforest tree is super rich in antioxidants. Lilly pilly – grown from an Australian native tropical rainforest tree is packed with potent antioxidants and minerals to assist in refreshing, nourishing and protecting the skin.” 

Aloe, aloe Fellow botanical member aloe vera will be stepping outside of the natural medicine realm, emerging as an ever-present ingredient in organic skincare. Rains believes aloe vera is the next big thing for beauty, commenting of the sector’s next trend: “[It will be] aloe vera juice, as it has so many benefits for the skin and also fills the requirement of a liquid in emulsions and surfactants, thus increasing the overall quantity of organic ingredients.” Harris continues: “Consumers can expect loving ingredients this year that will enrich the skin [such as aloe vera]”, with the ingredient also listed by Robb-Lacey as up-and-coming for the beauty business.

Posted 02 February 2017


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