Why choose Synthesis Organics Essential Oils?

Why choose Synthesis Organics Essential Oils

Many of you are already integrating these amazing gifts from nature into your life, and for those who are just beginning your aroma journey, so much wonder awaits you. There has never been a better time to use essential oils to improve your quality of life, health and wellbeing. However, not all essential oils are created equal. This post is inspired to give you some insight into how to select essential oils with the highest therapeutic benefits, and how to avoid adulterated or synthetic essential oils which are harmful rather than helpful. 

As an Aromatherapist, I am passionate not just about the healing benefits of Essential oils, but of ensuring the highest therapeutic quality and optimal receptivity for the user is achieved. Aromatherapy is a universal and abundant therapy that revitalises the mind, body and spirit, and something you can easily integrate into your daily life. So why not ensure that you too are using the oils that will give you the highest therapeutic benefits? The Synthesis Organics Essential Oil Collection stands out in the crowded market place for the following reasons, all of which contribute to their unsurpassed therapeutic and energetic quality:

Certified Organic - beyond food and therapeutic grade

This means that no synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or additives have compromised what nature intended. Plants are grown in healthy soil and clean water and many studies have shown a higher nutrient content in organically grown produce. We often hear that other essential oils may not be organic, but they are natural. Sadly, however, these days ‘natural’ can be compromised with chemicals used in its farming. An organic apple vs a natural apple is much cleaner to eat as the ‘natural’ apple is most often sprayed with chemical pesticides and grown with chemical fertilisers. We choose to eat the organic apple so as not to risk bringing those chemicals the apple has been exposed to into our bodies. Likewise, many plants used to make essential oils are exposed to pesticide sprays used on flowers and fruits and artificial fertiliser used in the soil. These chemicals compromise the integrity of the raw materials used to make essential oils, and thus the essential oils themselves. As essential oils can travel quickly into our cells, brain, and blood, Synthesis essential oils are Certified Organic to ensure they are not tainted with artificial chemicals in any way. "If you are serious about Wellness, you must choose Certified Organic." Professor Marc Cohen Note: Fragonia is the only essential oil we sell and use that is not Certified Organic, and that is because it is such a hardy plant growing in wilderness Australia, with its own defense against pesticides and therefore not exposed to any artificial chemicals.

100% Pure and traceable to seed - Third Party Audited

This means Synthesis Organic essential oils are unadulterated with any fillers, thinners or other substitute oils and this is all third-party verified and audited, so you don’t just have to take our word on it. This purity and quality is verified by independent Gas Chromatography (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) tests. Adulterated oils have little to no therapeutic value and can actually be harmful. Unfortunately, the adulteration of oils is more common than you would expect; According to the Lavender Growers Association, there is 100 times more of this oil exported from France each year than is actually grown there – which means most French Lavender sold must be adulterated in some way. 

Note: “French export data shows that 250 tons of so-called Fine Lavender are exported annually. The statistics of the Association of Lavender Growers in Volx show that less than 20 tons are in fact distilled. Ironically, this glaring fraud is obvious to those who can read the gas chromatograms, ostensibly recorded to demonstrate purity. Generally, neither local vendor nor customer can read the chromatogram, but both associate proof of authenticity with its sheer existence. In reality, most Lavender chromatograms passed around in the marketplace prove adulteration.”~ Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD (2011) “Healing Intelligence of Essential Oil: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy”

Therapeutic quality sourced sustainably from optimal terroir

As a qualified Aromatherapist and founder of Synthesis Organics, only the highest quality of essential oils is selected, that is obtained from organic fields all over the earth, according to their botanical species and natural chemical composition, which ultimately determines their effectiveness in any application. For example, Rose Otto grown in the Valley of the Roses Bulgaria has the highest therapeutic components we have found and so we always source from there. This is due to the unique soil and climate conditions.

Energy Imbued®

All of our products, including the individual essential oils, are refined and harmonised through our proprietary Alchemic Energy Imbued® Process. This energetically cleanses, harmonises and optimises the function of each plant, enhancing receptivity for the end-user. This difference can be demonstrated through a number of tests and measurements. Many of our customers comment on the difference, especially when using the oils for emotional and spiritual healing, and only use Synthesis essential oils now. Read more HERE
Posted 30 May 2019


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