Why go on a retreat?

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Dreaming of getting away from it all? To be guided through days of life positive, inspiring activities, and healthy delicious food, all whilst immersed in nature, reconnecting with your inner calm and outer radiance?  Sound indulgent? 

Well, the science is now in that it may not be so indulgent at all. Beyond the initial feel-good factors, an extensive worldwide study has found: 

“Retreat experiences can lead to sustained and significant health improvements long after participants return home.”

Thanks to the brilliant Dhevaksha Naidoo, and her supervising Professor Marc Cohen, for the extensive and positive research now recorded in her Ph.D. on The Health Impact of Residential Retreats: A Systematic Review. 

Amongst the findings was clear evidence of the benefits to mental, as well as physical, health and overall wellbeing of health retreats.

"Positive changes in neurological pathways, quality of life, subjective well-being, decreased anxiety and depression and even increased telomere length were reported, with benefits being recorded for up to five years post-retreat."

This suggests that retreat experiences:

"Assist guests in making positive lifestyle changes and adopting healthy behaviours that lead to a variety of positive psychological, physiological, cognitive, clinical and metabolic effects."

Read the full report for more of the science and specific benefits, including for diseases.

And take some inspired action… 

Join Dhevaksha Naidoo and me for a mini 3-hour retreat experience Wednesday 1st August in Melbourne

And then dive deep with myself and Simone Denny in Byron Bay, October 17-21.

Byron Bay retreat

For a daily mini retreat experience, follow our 3 step Meditative Ritual to connect with your inner peace.

Step 1:

Find a quiet, undisturbed space

Step 2:

Mist your space with Bright Space Aura Cleaning Mist or Light Haven Aura Renewing Mist. Close your eyes and sense the aroma of the mist shift the feeling of the space. 

Step 3:

Roll 3 circles of Light Haven or Chakra Balance Roll on to the center of your palms. Press them together and take 3 deep breaths, allowing the Alchemy of the plant essences to combine with your own chemistry, warmed by the heart energy moving through your arms to your hands. Once you have connected with the Alchemy of your creation through feeling, rub your palms together to warm the oils, then bring your palms to your nose and inhale three deep breaths with your eyes closed. 

Inhale Peace... Exhale Stress. Inhale Light... Exhale tension. Inhale Renewal... Exhale, and Release.

Posted 26 July 2018


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