Why you'll love Vanilla Oil!

shutterstock_97650665 Aside from having one of the most universally-loved scents, vanilla oil has some amazing health benefits, internally and externally. Although not technically an essential oil, it can safely be ingested (often through cake, yum!) and in doing so can have some unexpected results that will have you reaching for a slice more often! The things vanilla can do can be astounding, which is why we've included it in some of our favourite products such as our Love Essential Oil and Soothe Creme. Read on to see just why you'll soon be loving vanilla for more than its delicious flavour! How to Identify Quality Vanilla Oil

  • Pure vanilla oil can be very expensive, with the cost of vanilla absolute at over $100 per ounce! We're sure you can imagine how this increases exponentially when purchasing organic vanilla.
  • As such, many products on the market are saturated with synthetic or heavily processed ingredients.
  • Vanillin content is what to look for when buying vanilla extract - common cooking ingredients contain only 2%, while aromatherapy products usually contain 26%.
  • Synthesis Organics only uses the most pure and highest quality organic vanilla, so you can be assured of the benefits when used in our products.
Antioxidant Properties
  • Protects the body from free radicals, which destroy living tissue and cells in the body, as well as potentially changing cell structure to malicious.
  • Vanilla is especially effective against cell damage from oxidate, a common free radical linked to cancer and premature ageing.
  • Free radicals eventually result in a weakening of the body’s immune system, loss of memory, organic and nervous malfunctioning, gradual loss of vision & hearing, mental instability, macular degeneration, and the body becomes prone to diseases.
  • A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that pure vanilla extract contains high antioxidant activity, crucial to preventing this kind of damage and the build-up of dangerous chemicals.
Libido Booster
  • Vanilla stimulates hormones in the body such as oestrogen and testosterone.
  • This can help issues such as impotence and loss of libido, most effective when used consistently.
Hormone Balancer
  • Vanilla is a natural remedy for PMS and cramps
  • It activates and balances hormone levels as well as helping to manage stress, leaving your body and mind relaxed!
  • Working as a natural sedative, vanilla minimises symptoms and promotes tranquility.
Fights Infection
  • The essential oil contains components like Eugenol and Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, which fight infections
  • Being a sedative, it also reduces inflammation from fevers, so it is also considered an antiphlogistic.
  • A 2014 study published in Switzerland examined the antibacterial properties of vanilla, finding that it strongly inhibits growth of common respiratory bacteria.
  • It soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the systems of the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems.
  • It reduces inflammation stemming from fever, as well as convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity to allergens.
Works as an Antidepressant 
  • Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde acts as an antidepressant and mood lifter, being used as a home remedy since the 17th century.
  • Studies have found vanilla to have a calming effect on the brain, aiding anger, insomnia, stress and anxiety.
  • This is effective through the aroma of vanilla alone, so you can enjoy these effectives simply by using your diffuser.
Lowers Blood Pressure
  • By relaxing body and mind, vanilla works to naturally lower blood pressure.
  • This lowers your risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke in a holistic, encompassing approach.
  • A major factor in high blood pressure is stress. By utilising vanilla to calm the body, you will not only reduce your blood pressure, but will also aid a variety of other bodily functions that can be impacted by stress, such as sleep patterns and energy levels.

Ready to use more vanilla in your life? We use pure, organic vanilla oil in our Love Essential Oil blend so you can be confident you'll receive all these benefits! Here's how:

To Relax: 
  • Massage 10-12 drops into your neck, feet, chest and stomach. This will relieve muscle aches, PMS cramps, symptoms of anxiety and fight bacteria.
Improve Sleep:
  • Breathe in 3-5 drops before bed, or make your own essential oil bath by adding 10 drops to warm water. This will create relaxation just before sleep, and aid sleeping patterns.
DIY Perfume:
  • Add 10-20 to a small spray bottle and mix with equal parts carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba) and water.
  • Use on your body, hair, furniture and home.
Skin Health
  • We use pure vanilla extract in our Soothe Creme, making it easy to protect your skin and gain the many benefits of vanilla.

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