Winter Skin and How to Support It

dry winter skinHello heater, my old friendFor many of us, facing winter without the comfort of artificial heating is a tall order. We snuggle up at night with the heater beside us, spend long days in climate-controlled offices, and warm our chilly hands by the vents as soon as we jump in the car. But along with this lovely warmth comes one unwanted side effect: dry skin.Winter - ouchDry, itchy, red, and irritated skin is extremely common during the winter months. With interior heating sucking all of the moisture out of the air, our skin struggles to maintain its normal balance. Many will find their t-zone and forehead can also become excessively oily as it tries to even out the drying effects of indoors, and red and raw irritation from the icy outdoor winds.Sweet relief!Whilst the effects of winter are generally hard to avoid, they can be very simple to treat. The deeply nourishing action of Synthesis products works from deep within the skin cells to restore moisture and enrich with natural vitamins. From our facial cleansers to moisturisers, our products are rich and quenching...but without the oil slick heavy winter products usually bring!Our recommendationsOur first pick is often dubbed by its fans as ‘liquid gold’ for the beautiful colour and amazing results - it is, of course, our famousReplenish Elixir. It is made with Kalpariane - a powerful Marine extract, which is rich in a composition of essential omegas for skin nutrition and protection against the stress of winter weather.  The rich oil base also creates a protective layer on the skin and retains far more moisture than a cream - which can often struggle to penetrate dry winter layers.SYNTHESIS_replenish_elixir_1000_v1This extract will boost skin elasticity, skin suppleness, and firmness; and provide a Hydro-lipidic barrier reinforcement. When tested, 70 % of the volunteers found an improvement of the hydration level, 90 % of the volunteers found an improvement of the skin firmness.For your day-to-day moisturiser, you can’t go past our Soothe Cream. Super hydrating with barrier protection to reduce environmental dehydration, this delicious smelling formula also includes chamomile and calendula to soothe away skin irritation, itchiness and inflammation.SYNTHESIS_soothe_creme_1000_v1

FINAL TIP: Just as artificial heating will suck out the moisture from the air, hot water will suck the moisture from your skin. Resist the urge to set your morning shower to searing hot (yes, we know it feels good!), and opt for a milder temperature instead - try setting up a heater in the bathroom to counter the morning chill.
After your shower, leave skin slightly damp as you apply your moisturiser, as it will help the formula to soak in.Stay warm, friends!Until next time,Theme x

Posted 28 June 2015


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