Women's Retreat 'Dragons, Tigers and Lipstick'

tao of the modern woman warriorIt’s Not a Mere Getaway.It’s a Transformational Journey… The Tao of the Modern Woman Warrior. Join us for a profound weekend of transformation. Learn to combine the power of a warrior with your femininity and intuition to shine as your greatest potential. Join us for Women's Retreat 'Dragons, Tigers and Lipstick' - Become a living embodiment of radiance, wisdom, grace and beauty that can only come from cultivating true mastery. Learn to live with power, courage, balance, creativity, compassion, and purpose. It is an alchemical process - designed to bring forth, strengthen, and unite our deep feminine and masculine selves. "The warrior's journey for women is a journey of significance. It is a life-altering and life-giving immersion into the ancient teachings of the masters and spirits. It's experiencing adventure, challenging belief systems, having new insights and outcomes, and celebrating renewed vitality - and then once again, returning home to integrate this new self into the world from which we came." Dragons Tigers and Lipstick Presented by Theme Rains, Founder of Synthesis Organics and Energy Alchymie Practitioner with special guest Maria Camille, author of Dragons, Tigers and Lipstick, creator of Bagua Flow, winner of four world championships and producer of the Beauty Show in the USA. Become The Artist of  Your Life On this special journey you will gain the following tools and life-skills: • You’ll discover the magic alchemy of cultivating the mind–body spirit that evolves into a way of life where you shine and reach your greatest potential. • You’ll learn how to manifest, create and achieve your goals • You'll learn how to stay focused and not get lost in your own mind. • You’ll learn a wonderful exercise program called Bagua Flow (baah gu-wa) -  a beautifully choreographed internal martial art form that uses six-foot bamboo Bo Staffs to help magnify energy, power and focus, providing a wonderful exercise journey steeped in the powerful traditions of ancient internal martial arts alchemy. Within the movements you will build a strong inner power, permeated with an artistic, expressive quality, which combines deep philosophy with movement, coordination and mind/body focus. • You’ll learn the self-care Synthesis facial meditation that can nurture you through each day, so you can keep on shining your Light, Love, Beauty and Spirit. • You’ll engage wondrous Energy Alchymie Tools, including the Tao House to create sacred space, the Auric Cleansing Energy tools and Intuition Awakening Present Moment meditation. • You’ll Meet other courageous Women • All attendants at this retreat will have the opportunity to develop the skills they learn here by becoming a Bagua Flow trainer in the future. Who is this retreat for?  Whether you are a businesswoman, freshly empty nested, beginning a new career, pondering the next step in your life or just have a desire to keep learning and growing into your full potential, this retreat will reinvigorate, reinvent and forever change your decision-making process and capacity to meet the challenges of life. Through discovering the power and energy of the warrior spirit within, you will learn how to bring forward your most powerful goals. Taught from the feminine perspective, these lessons will transform you into a graceful and courageous woman ready to leap into your new beginning. The Dragon’s – Tiger’s and Lipstick Retreat helps you to enjoy the journey - - and the destination.  To find out more, please email usAbout Maria Camile - Author of Dragons – Tigers and Lipstick Once in a lifetime, you may meet a person whose story inspires, terrifies, uplifts and transforms you; someone whose spirit borne of both tragedy and success compels you to examine your own life and whose positive energy propels you to change it for the better. Maria Camille has walked in many shoes. Necessity has been the mother of reinvention for this adventurous woman,who has been seasoned by life’s wonderful successes, including the winning of four world championships in the most difficult mind/body extreme sportin theworld, living throughout the world via starting successful business ventures and extreme sports competitions.But success also comes with deep challenges for which Maria faced with the bravery of a warrior- including the loss of her beloved son, a Mafia marriage that took years to get out of, two home fires and financial depths. Each time, she rose like the fabled Phoenix from the ashes of difficulties,thanks to her three decades of immersion in the ancient Asian warrior alchemy and wisdom. Now a Master, Maria created theDragon’s – Tiger’s and Lipstick Retreat based on lessons she has learned that centre not on fighting outside forces, but discovering and emboldening a strategy using one’s inner strengths. A note from Maria: "Today, more than ever, women have the tools and resources to become the most powerful females of our time. With the right knowledge, women can refine and define themselves to be infinitely successful, powerful and beautiful all at the same time. Today, there is a new generation of females, I call them the new warriors.They live with grace, power, spirituality, and have exceedingly interesting lives. Dragons Tigers and Lipstick is a true story, which is inspired by and about my true teacher, - my sister. Through her inspiration, I’ve become a scholar of the Asian arts, philosophy, internal martial arts, energy/alchemy, and warrior tactics for over thirty years. I learned from my sister, and now pass these lessons on giving the respect and platitudes to her spirit, which still provides me guidance.Ultimately, Dragons Tigers and Lipstick is a guide to help you become one of the new warriors on a journey to “live your legend.” The Legend called You is where your gold lies. As I share these lessons, take them to heart. Look deep into the meanings. Learn to use energy to create what you want. The key point ultimately – KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. After that, you will have the wisdom to know others. To arrive at this state is the supreme attainment.Reach for the stars!" Contact us for more details.

Posted 20 August 2013


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