Our commitment to share and educate on the benefits of organic holistic living has guided us to create Synthesis workshops, corporate rejuvenation days and residential retreats. We aim to inspire a healthier more fulfilled way of life.

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60 Minutes of Self Care with Synthesis


  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy *
  • Acupressure Facial Treatment *
  • Energy Alchemy Healing
  • Gentle Stretching / Yoga Chair
    * using Australian Certified Organic Skincare and Essential Oils from Synthesis – Energy Imbued Organics.

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Date: TBA
Time: 1 Hour

About your host, Theme Rains:
Founder of Synthesis, Energy Imbued Organics – an award-winning skincare and well-being company. Theme created Synthesis as a way to share the life-positive healing modalities that have touched her life, with the intention to nurture, uplift and restore others in their journey of personal discovery and flowering. Synthesis products and treatments are used in the world’s leading luxury eco spas and retreats.

Healing Arts, including Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Energy Alchemy, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Organic Skincare and Health-food formulation, energetic meridian As well as founding and running heart-centric, it has been facilitating retreats and one-on-one transformational sessions for 20 years.

Here are other examples of the events, workshops, and retreats we run.

One Day Urban Retreat 

Join us in a stunning sanctuary for a one day retreat that is completely dedicated to YOU. Give yourself over to a day of pure restoration and let us support you in allowing your Light, Love, Beauty and Spirit to shine all the brighter. Includes yoga, chi gung, organic facial, meditation, visualisation, life-coaching, energy work, morning smoothie, superfood organic lunch, raw food prep demonstration, afternoon tea plus a personalised organic essential oil blend to take home.

Your Body Your Temple – a One-day event

Come along to a one-day spa event where you rejuvenate your body, enliven your spirit and nourish your heart. The day includes present moment meditation, yoga breathing exercises, tisane tea ceremony, yoga stretch, auric cleansing, a superfood lunch and snack making demonstration, an 8 step self-care facial and aromatherapy class. Read about one of our past events here.

Beauty & Spirit Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

In an inspiring group setting over a few hours, we share empowering information on natural beauty and wellbeing, then immerse ourselves in certified organic energy imbued™ products and traditional beauty rituals. To read testimonials, get more info and to book your spot click here.  Includes:
  • organic refreshments
  • exercise you can use for the rest of your life to restore balance and nurture your true beauty.
  • plus the use of all the professional strength Synthesis Organic products to boost your skin with natural vitamins minerals and anti-oxidants for immediate radiance in a 7 step self-facial treatment
  • Everyone learns how to give themselves a restorative facial, including a natural face-lift acupressure massage.

A Synthesis Energy Spa half-day Immersion

We begin with our signature life-enhancing Tisane Ceremony, an invitation into the Present Moment as you sip your way to greater wellbeing. From the expanded space of deeper connection, we establish together, you will then be guided through an Energy spa circuit. Your skin and aura are cleansed and reinvigorated using specific Synthesis Energy Imbued Products, luxurious certified organic skincare and aromatherapy, touches of our signature spa treatments while immersing in a hot steam room, sauna, rainwater-fed ozone spa and magnesium plunge pool.  To complete the moment, an application of the precious Replenish Elixir and Soothe Cream will nourish your skin, leaving you glowing with a new-found radiance. Read more.

Aromatherapy Workshops

Learn the art of Aromatherapy. Blend your own personalised body oils, perfumes and discover how to transform your life in a beautiful sensory way using pure Certified Organic Essential Oils from Synthesis.

Chakra Alchemy

A 3-hour journey combining yoga, breath-work, meditation and Aromatherapy to transform your whole being through the energetic Chakra System. Reconnect to the prana flow in your life, clear congestion and imbalance and be delighted as your life transforms to reflect the shift in your energy.

5-7 day Wellness Retreats

If you love the idea of diving in deep to a life-changing experience or combining wellness and transformation with exotic travel, then our immersion retreats are perfect for you.  This is not a boot-camp, it is not a yoga retreat, and it is not painted by numbers seminar training. This is a one week retreat personalised to you and where everything is optional. Our only objective is that you feel like a new person when you leave. Click here to read about the last one we ran in Sri Lanka.

Byron Bay Women’s Wellness Retreat 

Join us for 5 transformative days dedicated to your health, happiness, and wellbeing on October 17th to 21st, 2018. Your hosts Theme Rains (Founder of Synthesis Organics and Synthesis Lifestyle) and Simone Denny (founder of the Nourishing Hub and Simone Denny Wellness) are here to guide you on a journey to rediscover yourself, to be renewed and to feel aligned with your direction, purpose, and life.

  • Recharge your body, spirit, health and restore your true beauty
  • Release stress and daily toxicity and rediscover your vitality
  • Reconnect to yourself, to nature, to your heart, and to your wellbeing and true purpose
  • Realign your life with full inspiration and joy

The Essence of Beauty Workshop

The Essence of Beauty Workshop is a special evening exploration for an intimate group of women to come together to experience a luxurious, nourishing and honouring beauty ritual that will awaken all the senses and deepen the practice of self-love, self-care, and beauty techniques.

We will share empowering information on natural beauty, practices to support wellbeing while immersing ourselves in certified organic energy imbued products and traditional beauty rituals; deeply connecting with our essence through the mindfulness of meditative self-care and self-love facial.

You will gain new awareness and techniques you can use for the rest of your life to restore balance and nurture your true beauty while feeling replenished, restored and radiant. 

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All workshops have been created by our founder Theme Rains S.N.H.S. Dip. (Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Counselling and Psychotherapy) Yoga and Meditation Teacher.





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